the strength NOT to...

The overindulgence and underachievement of our age have created a monster 
whose brain is lazy, vision is blurred, hands are greedy, skin is thin, 
middle is round, and seat is wide. 
Color him baby blue! 

What has spawned this strange, pillowy product? 
The Greeks would say: "A serious lack of enkrateia." 
That isn't a vitamin, it's a virtue—self-control. 

The word actually means "inner power or strength." 
Expanded, it includes such things as having mastery or possession of something, 
the controlling power of the will (under the operation of the Spirit of God), 
the inner strength to resist and refrain, 
the strength not to indulge, not to act on impulse. 
The above paragraphs are lifted from a devotional by Charles Swindoll here
 Seriously good, don't you think?

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