Power, Love and Self-Control

I've spent the past 9 or 10 days feeling a little like this woman.  A challenge in our family's life altered my routine (and appetite) significantly

I'm sure there were other positives that came out of the situation, but two come to my mind:  the interaction with my three siblings (usually separated by distance) and a 5-pound weight loss!

The title of my blog definitely came into play throughout the days and nights of our experience--Power, Love and Self-Control. I suspect I'll be needing all three like never before in the days ahead.  Especially the "Power" part...

How about YOU?  How are you doing under the weight of YOUR challenges?

Here's  the explanation that came with this $.75 thrift store purchase.
 You can click on it to enlarge it for reading.

It's Been Awhile

...but here I am to keep it honest.  Both my husband and I have successfully maintained our Fast-5 schedule/lifestyle of eating.  It has served us well.  I have maintained my weight loss while enjoying the taste of just about anything I get a hankingin' for!  We have no plans to change.

How are YOU doing?  What healthy habits have you made a part of your life?