The 3 Bite Rule

Sigh...........The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow mentions the 3 BITE RULE in this post.   I THINK I'm going to practice that for a few days and see what happens.  SOMEthing has to give!  (I just ate a piece of leftover taco pizza for breakfast, so I'm starting right NOW.)


"You have to wake up with DETERMINATION if you want to go to bed with SATISFACTION!"
(Heard on Dave Ramsey's radio show today.)
 I'm WORKING at it!

Seize THIS Day!

I may not look too thrilled about it, but I AM wearing jeans that don't have an elastic waistband!  And I DID do 30 minutes of exercise this morning!  And I DID avoid major sweets, bread and pasta yesterday! 

A quote from my morning devotional said this:  "When God says 'today', He doesn't mean 'tomorrow'."  I blogged a little more about that HERE

Hope you're making the most of YOUR opportunities and seizing the minutes of THIS day to be all God envisions for you.


Today is my first INTENTIONAL day of 30 minutes INTENTIONAL exercise after a long period of an UNINTENTIONAL lapse!

If only I had the upper arm strength of our granddaughter!  Sigh.

The Thrill of Victory. The Agony of Defeat.

Keeps me busy just snapping pictures!
"What is it about victory that breeds complacency and then failure???"  Those were Jess's words to me yesterday in her comment.  If we could figure out the answer to that, we'd all be LOSERS (or actually WINNERS at the weight loss/management game)!

That cycle was certainly the story of Israel in their Old Testament history, wasn't it!  Hmmmmm.  I need to study that again.

Tackling MY game at the four levels from yesterday:
  • I'm weighing in but not telling!  I'll record it in my journal.
  • Still wearing an elastic waistband because nothing else fits.  
  • Will exercise MORE than 30 minutes with the grands here.
  • Will have watermelon instead of sweets and only  one piece of pizza (lunch) and no other breads or pasta.
Joined the family at age 7 months!


    Face the Facts

    Unfortunately, I've NOT been maintaining the healthy habits that brought me to a healthy weight last year.  I've wasted a good summer.  (Well, a HOT summer, anyway!)

    Today when it came time to dress, I admitted the fact that there is very little in my closet that fits.  I got rid of larger clothes in January, thinking that would be incentive to keep the weight off.

    Here for me to face are the facts:
    • I was irregular in 30 minutes of daily exercise--then quit altogether.
    • I have been careless - make that EXCESSIVE - in the amount of sweets and breads I've been eating.
    • I quit weighing everyday.
    • I started wearing elastic waistbands!

    I'm sure there are more facts to face, but for now these are the ones I need to reverse.  I will be posting more regularly here again in expectation that it will help me be more thoughtful about my actions.