Face the Facts

Unfortunately, I've NOT been maintaining the healthy habits that brought me to a healthy weight last year.  I've wasted a good summer.  (Well, a HOT summer, anyway!)

Today when it came time to dress, I admitted the fact that there is very little in my closet that fits.  I got rid of larger clothes in January, thinking that would be incentive to keep the weight off.

Here for me to face are the facts:
  • I was irregular in 30 minutes of daily exercise--then quit altogether.
  • I have been careless - make that EXCESSIVE - in the amount of sweets and breads I've been eating.
  • I quit weighing everyday.
  • I started wearing elastic waistbands!

I'm sure there are more facts to face, but for now these are the ones I need to reverse.  I will be posting more regularly here again in expectation that it will help me be more thoughtful about my actions.


  1. You always look so nice that one would not realize you have been "naughty". I chuckled over the "wearing elastic waistbands!" Been there, done that! Will follow your new plans and as usual, will be inspired by them.

  2. Oh Rebecca, I can so relate. I went from fluffy, to puffy to just plain ((fat)). I am so unhappy with myself and embarrassed with my appearance. I am going to go into prayer for the Lord to help me find out why I am doing this to myself. There may be something I am not aware of. I am very good at justifying my why of eating. LOL.

  3. I'm definitely one of the "elastic waistband" club members.

    Your awareness is excellent, Rebecca. Please keep me posted on more action steps. I'll join you! I'm trying hard. Good luck. You still look great! (Does that count?) Susan

  4. Dee, I,too, am good at justifying...I then hide behind the embarrassment and hurt and fail to receive the blessings and BE the blessing God wants for me. Praying WITH you, my friend.

  5. Donna, my only reason for "going public" again is to be publicly accountable. When I "lectured" for Weight Watchers years ago, THAT was my accountability. For some reason, I NEED that (accountability). I should be mature enough after all these years to just do it because it is the right thing to do, but....

  6. I will be following...because I need to weight loss you already achieved.
    I hope that will hold me accountable as I wait your discipline it will spur me on to good works also!

  7. Oh Rebecca, I can relate! I just get so TIRED of worrying about it all the time. I was just grateful that I dropped my cholesterol and didn't gain any weight! Love Di ♥

  8. Rebecca I don't diet but this winter and summer for some reason have gained weight. Doctor John said it could be a result of my insulin but it doesn't matter the reason I just don't like the extra weight....my clothes are snugger but still fit okay but a few more pounds and they won't....it is sad that at our age we still must concern ourselves with the numbers on the scale.....will be looking to you for inspiration.....:-) Hugs

  9. Oh Rebecca,
    How timely your post is!
    I'm so sorry you find yourself in the same place that I find myself. UGH! What is it about victory that breeds complacency and then failure???
    But TOGETHER we can get and keep a grip on healthy living!
    I have been intentionally "stuffing" myself because of my anguish over the needed surgery to fix my hip, among other things. Yet, I don't want to loose All the ground I gained by putting back All the weight I had lost! "LORD help us to be free of the mindless patterns and habits that enslave us. YOUR death purchased our Freedom.
    Please empower us by Your Holy Spirit. Amen."

  10. Praying for you, and loving you my friend.

  11. Jess, Amen to your prayer!

    Denise, thank you for praying for me. Thank you for loving me!

    Di, I am REALLY happy for your Dr. reports. Those are something to celebrate! Good for you.

    Bernie, I don't plan to "diet" either. But I AM going to "step up" and pay attention! (By the way, you'd probably better not look to me for inspiration! But just knowing you're watching will inspire ME!)

  12. That is where I was at the beginning of the year.... a little hard work and you will be back to where you want to be in no time.......The walk away the pounds videos are a great way to break back in to exercising in a low impact way... I used those to start and before I knew it I was feeling much stronger and healthier and I was able to really challenge myself and move to a more intense work out....Good luck ~ Praying for you ~Heather

  13. Oh, Ms. Rebecca....this is a journey for us both...let's pray for each other that we'll both get on the right track and stay there with God's help..and for HIS glory!!! Love you, my blogging friend!