Beginning Now

A habit not pursued is easily forgotten, replaced by what’s reasonable, what’s comfortable. All too often, what’s reasonable and comfortable is a formula for complacency – a last-luster, dulled approach to connecting with life … to connecting with Jesus.   (Elaine, here)

Isn't this a profound statement?  Elaine was writing about a prayer posture that she had practiced for awhile and then let slip.  I find the observation applicable for so many other areas of my life--particularly when it comes to healthy practices of diet and exercise.  

Another line in her post --  Old habits remembered (especially the ones that are sweet) are ones willingly reinstated -- is a hope-filled one!  

There are a few sweet old habits to which I shall return.  Beginning NOW.


How True is THIS?

However often we think we have broken the rebellious self we shall still find it alive.  (C.S. Lewis)

How true is THAT?!?
Checking in today to record fresh determination to
keep the "rebellious self" in check.