It's an Official Habit Now...

Unless you want to believe THIS POST, twenty-one days is frequently identified as the number of days it takes to form a new habit.  (I wonder if the same thing is true for breaking a habit?)

Anyhow...21 days have passed since I began my new eating routine AND keeping my kitchen counters cleared of extra stuff.   Both activities are paying off in several ways - emotionally, physically, mentally.

Oh, if you have time to read it, I think you'll find
 that post I linked to above is QUITE interesting. 

More about the Clean Slate

On February 7th, I referred to my "clean slate"--the one handed to me after a brief bout with stomach flu.  Oddly enough, flu was the "eraser" that cleaned my "slate".  And I'm happy that (so far) I've not cluttered the slate.

If it takes 21 days to establish a habit, I'm very VERY close to establishing two good habits.  The first involves my eating habits; the second is keeping my kitchen counters cleared and dishes out of the sinks.  I know.  I know.  Elementary for most people.  MAJOR accomplishments for me.

And I'm not sure
which I'm prouder of!

What new habits are YOU

It's Gratifying!

to be able to button the button on my black skirt
and have the pockets "lay" right!

My Window to Health

The window in our dining area...
I officially "began" (again) on the 6th.  With fifteen days behind me, I'm looking ahead to meeting health and weight loss goals - with a deadline of June 1.

I haven't officially identified my "program" here, but perhaps it's time to unveil it.  I'm still learning the ins and outs, rationale and science behind Intermittent Fasting (or Feeding, as some call it).  There are several variations of Intermittent Fasting, but the one I'm following involves about 19 hours withOUT food and a window of 5 hours each day during which I eat.

It's the "window" concept that works for me.  I usually "open my window" around 1:30 when husband and I eat our main meal.  If I find myself still hungry at 4:30 or 5:00, I have a snack.  Then the window closes until the next day.

Really, I've not been hungry.  It's been mentally easier for me than some "diets".  And I have dropped a few pounds already!  Some people have made a lifetime of eating this way.  I'm not sure how long I'll continue it after I reach my goal.  For right now, I'm living well and learning much.

Barrier Breaking

It's deja vous all over again!  (Sadly, I was on this same journey two years ago.)  I WILL be successful once again.  I am nearing one of the ten pound mile stones.  How well I remember the thrill of breaking each of the "even tens" barriers.  I have 3 to break - counting THIS one.  Maybe by the end of next week? 

I'm pumped!  I can't wait. 

Just Said "No"

I did it!  Last night.
"No" to breaded chicken nuggets.
"No" to egg rolls.
"No" to chocolate cupcakes.
"No" to an ice-cream cake.
It worked out fine.
I feel great.

Wanna Weigh In?

  • I've had a good week experiencing the rewards of self-control.  I recommend it.
  • Unquestionably, the practice of journaling or posting plays a huge part in my return to healthy habits of diet and exercise.
  • There is quite an interesting interchange going on in the comment section of my other blog on my post titled "Candyless".  (Didn't know if others would want to weigh in or pun intended.)

Living Well

Feeling SO much better--emotionally AND physically.
Bolstered by a "clean" digestive system (read last post),
I've enjoyed three days of
"clean" eating.
By "clean", I don't mean any particular diet--
just whole food.  Healthy foods.
Being well--LIVING well--feels very good!
Giving it my Best!
 I'm thankful for some fruit purchased last week--
particularly grapefruit and pears.
They've never tasted better.
What fruits are YOU enjoying this week?

It's Up to Me

Warning:  This is NOT a post for weak stomachs.

Nothing like a little stomach flu to purge the system for healthier eating!  There were preliminary signs that all was not well.  Then came DEFINITE signs.  Then came fever and body aches confirming that it was not only the salt/vinegar chips and moose-track ice cream topped with an orange/pineapple juice smoothie that brought it on. 

At any rate, it's mostly past.  This morning I'm thankful for a good night of sleep, a general mistrust of food, and a digestive system that certainly must not be retaining any thread of gunk. 

What I will DO with my clean slate is UP TO ME.