Raisin Bran Muffins

What a treat!  The dough for these raisin bran muffins can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.  I like it 'cause I can bake as many or as few as I want.  I cut the oil and sugar in the recipe by about 1/2.  Once again, the Fast-5 lifestyle lets me enjoy these goodies as long as they are eaten within the 5 hour "window".  Yum!

Preaching to Myself

She (on Fast-5 facebook page)  Ok, so I'm back. Grass is not greener and still want to lose about 25 pounds. :)

Me  There IS no greener grass - just blessed correlations between energy, effort, choices and consistency (at least in my experience).

Even as these words slipped easily off my fingertips,
 I realized it was MYSELF I was preaching to!   
Every day I must PREACH.
Every day I must PRACTICE.

Away From and Toward

"The current lap of our health journey is challenging us to reevaluate goals (more seriously explore and support the body’s self-healing properties rather than just manage symptoms) and modify lifestyle habits away from convenience and desire toward responsibility.  It’s a spiritual journey as well as a gritty marathon requiring strong will and stamina. We’re feeling challenged to care for our miraculous bodies as a test, a way to manifest faith."
I didn't ask Beth for permission to use this paragraph from her recent post 
here on my health/weight control blog.   
(I hope she is in a giving and forgiving spirit!)

But oh, my goodness!  The phrase "modify lifestyle habits AWAY from convenience and desire TOWARD responsibility" just jumped OUT at me! 
That is the epitome of self-discipline.
Caring for my miraculous body IS both a "test" and "a way to manifest faith".  
So much to think about.  So much to change.  So much to practice.

Thank you, Beth.
Help me, God!