I've been out of commission since slipping on ice on March 15.
I now have new parts in my hip.
This means daily exercises - twice each day...
NOT the kind necessary to maintain weight  & cardio health, etc.
I'm doing well, but needless to say, the whole experience was NOT on my agenda.
Surgeon's sketch of my new hip apparatus.

Soon I'll be graduating from walker to cane.
(I tried using it a bit too much yesterday while spending 
a delightful afternoon with all my siblings and their spouses.  
I spent last night "paying", so will transition a bit more gradually.)
 Thoughtful friends from my Bible study group gifted us with
gift certificates from our local restaurant.  These, interspersed with
other gifts of food, make food choices and preparation simpler.
I look forward to being mobile enough to enjoy spring weather
which seems to be dragging ITS feet, too!

Dream and Do

 I'm sorry I can't remember on whose blog I found this description of her friend:

"I'm also incredibly inspired by her for she is a dreamer and a doer. 
Whether it's publishing her first novel, sewing a quilt, knitting a scarf
...throwing an annual Christmas party, or making me jam
...she dreams and she does."

My fingers sometimes get ahead of my brain.  After cutting and pasting, I hit SOMEthing that took me out of the blog.  (Hmmmmm.  As I type this, I think, "I guess I COULD use the history tab to figure it out...."  But that's complicated.)

All this to say that my goal is that someone would be able to say of me (accurately), "She is a dreamer and a doer".  In the area of weight management and healthy living, the combination of these two words is powerful.

a dreamer and a doer
she dreams and she does
dream and do

Dreamed and DID a bowl of mixed fruit.  Yum!