Year End Reflections

"The sin that is most destructive in your life right now
 is the one you are most defensive about."  (Tim Keller, twitter)

When I acknowledge that eating too much, eating thoughtlessly, and eating for reasons besides nourishment is sinful behavior, I experience the most health and "success" in my eating habits.

The statement applies to many other areas of my life as well...Thankfully there is a way to deal with the sin problem that puts my life and daily choices on a whole 'nother track!

Nothing to promote health and a good frame of mind like a trail-walk with grandkids on a sunny, winter afternoon.... (Why don't I do this more often?!?)

Photos - Past and Present

This photo is kind of weird.  I know!
But after reading the link in Myra's most recent post
I've been processing the subject.
I can't speak for the reactions of everyone else who looks at my "fat" photos.
Only for myself.  
And I will say, I will take this weird photo over the "fat" photos ANY day! 
 I AM a happier person when 
practicing healthy habits
and functioning at a healthy weight.
I am SO thankful I found a system that has (finally) worked 
to both GET me to this place
and keep me here.
The photo?
Taken over the Thanksgiving Holiday, poolside, 
by a young grandson who was waiting for his swim suit to arrive.
I handed him my phone/camera to help him occupy his time...


Along the way, it's quotes like these that bring me face-to-face with myself.  
My past, my present, and my future.  
 “You know you're an addict when you're trying to deal with your distress 
with the very thing that caused your distress.”  (a Tim Keller tweet)

This Thanksgiving Season, I'm thankful that over the past (almost) 2 years
I've found a way to deal with the "very thing that caused my distress".
Fast-5 has put boundaries around at least ONE of my eating habits
that was problematic.
To be at a healthy weight is one of many blessings
that I'm counting this week.


"As things are brought back under Christ's rule and authority,
they are restored to health, beauty, and freedom."  (Tim Keller, twitter)

limits ARE freeing

Saw this post in study in brown.  It's on a food-related topic but not my Fast-5 lifestyle per se.  I was intrigued by the ideas contained in it and will put some of them into practice.

Mostly though, I thought how true the concept "limits are freeing" is!  I'm quite sure it's why the Fast-5 lifestyle has worked for me both in losing the weight and maintaining a healthy one.

It really is a "yes-lifestyle" for me.


May I suggest smaller Sarah's video on her post today here?  Her thoughts on "seeing results and NOT seeing results" were motivational for me this morning.

Every morning - yes, EVERY morning - I step on my vintage bathroom scale.  It seldom moves from its 142# mark.  I AM still hoping to see it move down to 139# one of these days, but I can't say I've been putting my energy behind that "hope". 

So.......I guess "results" really isn't what I'm looking for. (Just thinking out loud here.)  Results only come tied to effort.  In that sense, I am stuck.

No WONDER Myra doesn't visit my blog anymore!

Seriously though, I DO show up and do the work in the sense that for almost 2 years I've remained consistent with the Fast-5 pattern of eating that resulted in a 40+ pound weight loss.  My body seems to have found its "comfort zone" around 142#.  If I want to lose those additional 3 pounds, I'll have to expend additional effort.  AND if I want to stay below 140#, I surmise that I'll need to continue expending additional effort.  

(Contemplating my profundity:  "Results only come tied to effort.")


To say that I've been busy doesn't quite convey the whole story.
"Urgent" and "important" have merged over the past few weeks
filling my hours and days (and weeks).
Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk--a stroll, actually.
A necessary break from some necessary responsibilities.
I really had intentions of getting into the habit of brisk walking this summer.
But now it is October.
I'm NOT an outdoor walker in winter.  I'll  have to come up with another plan
for exercise and put it into action so that it doesn't become only an
(I HAVE kept my weight off.  I'm sure this is thanks to the Fast-5 eating habit I've established.)

Power, Love and Self-Control

I've spent the past 9 or 10 days feeling a little like this woman.  A challenge in our family's life altered my routine (and appetite) significantly

I'm sure there were other positives that came out of the situation, but two come to my mind:  the interaction with my three siblings (usually separated by distance) and a 5-pound weight loss!

The title of my blog definitely came into play throughout the days and nights of our experience--Power, Love and Self-Control. I suspect I'll be needing all three like never before in the days ahead.  Especially the "Power" part...

How about YOU?  How are you doing under the weight of YOUR challenges?

Here's  the explanation that came with this $.75 thrift store purchase.
 You can click on it to enlarge it for reading.

It's Been Awhile

...but here I am to keep it honest.  Both my husband and I have successfully maintained our Fast-5 schedule/lifestyle of eating.  It has served us well.  I have maintained my weight loss while enjoying the taste of just about anything I get a hankingin' for!  We have no plans to change.

How are YOU doing?  What healthy habits have you made a part of your life?

Beginning Now

A habit not pursued is easily forgotten, replaced by what’s reasonable, what’s comfortable. All too often, what’s reasonable and comfortable is a formula for complacency – a last-luster, dulled approach to connecting with life … to connecting with Jesus.   (Elaine, here)

Isn't this a profound statement?  Elaine was writing about a prayer posture that she had practiced for awhile and then let slip.  I find the observation applicable for so many other areas of my life--particularly when it comes to healthy practices of diet and exercise.  

Another line in her post --  Old habits remembered (especially the ones that are sweet) are ones willingly reinstated -- is a hope-filled one!  

There are a few sweet old habits to which I shall return.  Beginning NOW.


How True is THIS?

However often we think we have broken the rebellious self we shall still find it alive.  (C.S. Lewis)

How true is THAT?!?
Checking in today to record fresh determination to
keep the "rebellious self" in check.

No Excuses/No Regrets

 "Don't let today's excuses become tomorrow's regrets." 
(Steven Furtick)

I'm pretty good at making excuses.  
Oh, not outloud, spoken ones. 
 Just quiet, inner ones.
They're comforting somehow - intially.
But the comfort is short-lived.  
Today I will be more cognizant 
of this paralyzing habit of excuse-making.
I will beat my excuses to their punch.
Day lilies are called that because their bloom lasts only for one day...
Today is the only "bloom" I'm given.
I will NOT let today's excuses become tomorrow's regrets!

Manage Your Mind

If you’re serious about defeating temptation you must manage your mind. 
 (David Chrzan on Twitter)
"And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing.  Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure and lovely, and admirable.  think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.  Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me--everything you heard from me and saw me doing.  Then the God of peace will be with you."
(Apostle Paul, Philippians 4:8-9)

Walk More

Walking was part of our day yesterday....
and through an older neighbrohood's  House and Garden Walk.
I just read this quote with no credit given: 
"The sedentary lifestyle is the smoking of our generation"
It is SO easy for me to drift into a sedentary lifestyle.  
I need to keep pushing myself to be more active.
Anyone else? 

His Part/My Part

Patience is key to acheiving our goals. It involves the act of placing our concern in the hands of our Lord, and leaving it there.

Just as it appeared in Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar today...spelling error and all.  It has particular significance to me this evening.  My retreat time last week was an experience in "placing (my) concern in the hands of the Lord, and leaving it there".

Both the scale and blood pressure cuff testify to the faithfulness of God.  I have placed my concerns about weight and general health in His hands while I do my part to eat and act in a healthy way.


Worth a Few Pounds

 My recent time spent at the Abbey of Gethsemani
were worth a few pounds!
(Giving them up, that is.)
 Hiking, simple meals and drinking lots of water
 played a role in helping me drop a few (pounds).  
I returned home rested and feeling quite healthy!

What I Didn'T Say

Looking for individuals who want to take on the wellness challenge and live a healthier life. With 100% money back quarentee and the potential to make more money than you spend on the products who wouldn't want to listen to more information?
Send me a message with your time zone and what evening works best. I will line you up with a overview to learn more. - no one can go wrong, get more information from me.
Thus read the message in a facebook group I participate in (spelling error and all).  I wanted to respond and say that  I HAVE taken the wellness challenge and AM living a healthier life.  I wanted to tell this person that I don't want/need "products" and that I don't want to listen to more information.  I wanted to say that I don't need "money back quarentee (her spelling).
Yep!  That's what I wanted to comment..  But I didn't!  Instead, I'm saying it here.

Friday Evening Reflections

shaking off sluggishness & complacency
living with awareness of health and wholeness
maximizing the "now" with enthusiasm and attention
thanking my Creator, the Giver and Sustainer of life
"pressing on" (Philippians 3:14)


"Post your goals where you’ll see them often, 
along with notes of inspiration. Reminders are a good thing."
(from today's Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar)

That's just about the only reason I continue this blog!
It's not so much for you (if there even ARE any "yous" out there)
as it is for me.
Goal:  139#
Note of Inspiration:  139#
Reminder:  139#    

No Vacation

This was my entree at Caffe REL - a French bistro style restaurant in Franklin, North Carolina.  Here I may have enjoyed the best salmon I've ever tasted!  It was served with  red currant sauce and chutney and delicious stir fried vegetables.
 I was too full to order a 3 tiered, 7" high chocolate cake "slab",
as some call the enormous piece of dessert.
While on vacation, we enjoy a fine meal daily and eat fruit either 
within 5 hours before or after the meal to continue the pattern of
Fast-5 eating that we enjoy at home.  
I love this lifestyle.  It is flexible, fulfilling, and fits well into vacation living.
Financially, it is pleasing also.  It frees up money spent on other meals to "splurge"
at least once a day on a great meal and good atmosphere.
No vacation from Fast-5 for me.

New Mercies

New mercies.
Renewed perspective.
Refreshed spirit.
Joyful determination.
Fresh wind.
Fresh fire.
HIS strength.
MY commitment.

"One person with commitment accomplishes more than a thousand with an opinion."  (Orrin Woodward)

Tattooed on my Eyelids

"Feed me with the food that is needful for me, lest I be full and deny you"
 (Prov 308-9). Excess can be deadly to the soul.
 (Nancy Leigh DeMoss' tweet)

Oh, my.  I should have this tattooed on my EYELIDS!
I looked it up in several translations.
Reading the full verses  is interesting.
I like Nancy's summary--Excess CAN be deadly to the soul.

Exercise - Nature's Way

 Working out(side)
 ...the way God intended it!
We've done our share of it the last couple of days.
I go to bed tired and sore
but fully aware of having used my entire body in a productive way!

Spring in my Walk

"Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
OK.  This quote that I lifted off of someone's facebook entry is just what I needed to get me going this spring.  I will quit using the cold weather as my excuse and walk.   Probably not fast at first. Just regularly and farther than to the post office and back.  I COULD wish for a more picturesque  route around my house, but that won't stop me from exercising an "eye for nature" and "vast curiosity"!

another word for "maintenance"

I'm on the hunt for it -- another word for THIS one.
Something positive.
Something life-affirming.
Something friendly.
Something energetic.
What do YOU suggest?

Raisin Bran Muffins

What a treat!  The dough for these raisin bran muffins can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.  I like it 'cause I can bake as many or as few as I want.  I cut the oil and sugar in the recipe by about 1/2.  Once again, the Fast-5 lifestyle lets me enjoy these goodies as long as they are eaten within the 5 hour "window".  Yum!

Preaching to Myself

She (on Fast-5 facebook page)  Ok, so I'm back. Grass is not greener and still want to lose about 25 pounds. :)

Me  There IS no greener grass - just blessed correlations between energy, effort, choices and consistency (at least in my experience).

Even as these words slipped easily off my fingertips,
 I realized it was MYSELF I was preaching to!   
Every day I must PREACH.
Every day I must PRACTICE.

Away From and Toward

"The current lap of our health journey is challenging us to reevaluate goals (more seriously explore and support the body’s self-healing properties rather than just manage symptoms) and modify lifestyle habits away from convenience and desire toward responsibility.  It’s a spiritual journey as well as a gritty marathon requiring strong will and stamina. We’re feeling challenged to care for our miraculous bodies as a test, a way to manifest faith."
I didn't ask Beth for permission to use this paragraph from her recent post 
here on my health/weight control blog.   
(I hope she is in a giving and forgiving spirit!)

But oh, my goodness!  The phrase "modify lifestyle habits AWAY from convenience and desire TOWARD responsibility" just jumped OUT at me! 
That is the epitome of self-discipline.
Caring for my miraculous body IS both a "test" and "a way to manifest faith".  
So much to think about.  So much to change.  So much to practice.

Thank you, Beth.
Help me, God!

Checking "Out"

Checking out for the week - just going on record that I achieved my goal of 30 minutes of indoor exercise without letting 2 days in a row go without... That added up to four days.  I'm feeling FIT and FINE. 

My plan is to continue the pattern next week.  After a third week, I'll consider it a "habit"!

Fast 5 Goes to California

Next Monday, my husband and I will be attending a conference that we attended a year ago.  This year it is in California!  I am suddenly aware that I'll see people who haven't seen me between conferences.  I weigh 45 pounds less than I did then.

The thought amazes and humbles me - both at the same time.  I am SO thankful for the past year.  Lessons learned. Health enjoyed.  A new "lease on life" (as some call it).

Though meals will be provided and scheduled at "normal" eating hours, I will continue to practice my Fast-5 lifestyle while there.  

I'm excited to escape the frigid weather
we are experiencing here in northeast Indiana
and hope to see some SUNSHINE.


Well, this morning I FINALLY added 30 minutes of exercise to my day. (Hangs head in shame.) I find Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" to be do-able at my age.  Plus it's something I can do without leaving the house or buying equipment.  However, I must say, the 45 pounds I've lost with Fast-5 last year happened without the discipline of deliberate exercise! I find that amazing.
My intention is to continue the 30 minutes of indoor walking without letting two days in a row go without it.  

Eating Out


 Lemon pepper broiled trout, baked sweet potato (is that a hint of cinnamon I detect?) and house salad with bleu cheese dressing.  And biscuits, of course!
Just sayin'...
Oh!  Have I said this before?


....that's all I can say!

Well.  Not quite all.  In the past, I let one incident (or day) of veering from my "diet" divert me, depress me, and derail me.  I seem to gain weight very quickly, and so after a few days of indiscriminate and uncontrolled eating, I would pack on five to ten pounds before I knew it.  THIS time, I stopped it before that kind of weight gain happened.  I woke up the next day and ate sensibly and stayed within the Fast-5 window.  And then the next day, too.  And today is Day 3.

Phewwwwwwwwwww!  That's all I can say.

Meanwhile -
...hope I don't alienate any of my thousands of followers :)

Checking In

I said I'd check in - so this is me being accountable to me.
I stayed within my window,
ate sensible portions,
and had about 5 bites of my husband's blizzard.
Now THIS "feels" better!

"Firm Prior Resolve"

My experience is that the absence of firm prior resolve results in regular rationalization.
Like when to go to bed, etc.  (a John Piper tweet)

When to go to bed is not my personal issue,
but I HAVE caught myself regressing into rationalization lately.
I have begun THIS day replacing rationalization (before it becomes "regular")
I'll report in tomorrow.


"I'd give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter!"
I saw this hanging on the wall of a writer's office
in a blog post this morning.
Kind of says what's on my mind this morning.
I DO need to cut back to a sane amount, though.
Moderation in ALL things.

Little Foxes

Oh, how I HOPE you can read this!
Especially the paragraph that starts with "Compromise....")
 It's those darned "little foxes"!
I know what some of mine are,
and I'm "on" them today!
(This is a page from More Precious than Silver: 366 Daily Devotional Readings,
by Joni Eareekson Tada.)

The Thing about Inspiration

Have you noticed?  
There's SO much GREAT inspiration out there
that it's possible to be "hooked" on inspiration 
and never actually change ourselves?
 (I was going to copy/paste an example....
but it was too large & I couldn't make it fit.
But you've seen 'em.  Those clever pictures and quotations...)
They're REALLY good,
but at some point you have to leave the pep rally 
and start the game--
and STAY in the game!


Fish.  I don't catch 'em.  I don't like to "fix" 'em.  
But I like to eat 'em.
Especially grilled or broiled or baked.
We've eaten out a lot lately.
Two times this week, I've enjoyed Cracker Barrel's 
grilled lemon pepper trout.
With a baked sweet potato.
And a house salad.
And a biscuit with real butter.
I think their tartar sauce is tops, too.
Maybe that's why I've lost another pound this week...

Do YOU eat a lot of fish?

My State-of-Heart

If you aren't a regular reader of my Life and Godliness blog,
I invite you to today's post.
In it you will find my current State-of-Heart.
Wishing everyone on the journey to health
and a Happy New Year (a few days late).
I've been spending a lot of time getting acquainted
with my new "SmartPhone"!