Fish.  I don't catch 'em.  I don't like to "fix" 'em.  
But I like to eat 'em.
Especially grilled or broiled or baked.
We've eaten out a lot lately.
Two times this week, I've enjoyed Cracker Barrel's 
grilled lemon pepper trout.
With a baked sweet potato.
And a house salad.
And a biscuit with real butter.
I think their tartar sauce is tops, too.
Maybe that's why I've lost another pound this week...

Do YOU eat a lot of fish?


  1. I like fish as well but don't feel like I eat as much as I should. Thanks for the tip - we are eating at Cracker Barrel today and I will try that fish, baked sweet potato, and salad - will pass on the biscuit. Take care.

    1. My favorite place to sit is right in front of the fire!

  2. Forgot to congratulate you on the loss so consider yourself congratulated. What you are doing works!