I've been out of commission since slipping on ice on March 15.
I now have new parts in my hip.
This means daily exercises - twice each day...
NOT the kind necessary to maintain weight  & cardio health, etc.
I'm doing well, but needless to say, the whole experience was NOT on my agenda.
Surgeon's sketch of my new hip apparatus.

Soon I'll be graduating from walker to cane.
(I tried using it a bit too much yesterday while spending 
a delightful afternoon with all my siblings and their spouses.  
I spent last night "paying", so will transition a bit more gradually.)
 Thoughtful friends from my Bible study group gifted us with
gift certificates from our local restaurant.  These, interspersed with
other gifts of food, make food choices and preparation simpler.
I look forward to being mobile enough to enjoy spring weather
which seems to be dragging ITS feet, too!

Dream and Do

 I'm sorry I can't remember on whose blog I found this description of her friend:

"I'm also incredibly inspired by her for she is a dreamer and a doer. 
Whether it's publishing her first novel, sewing a quilt, knitting a scarf
...throwing an annual Christmas party, or making me jam
...she dreams and she does."

My fingers sometimes get ahead of my brain.  After cutting and pasting, I hit SOMEthing that took me out of the blog.  (Hmmmmm.  As I type this, I think, "I guess I COULD use the history tab to figure it out...."  But that's complicated.)

All this to say that my goal is that someone would be able to say of me (accurately), "She is a dreamer and a doer".  In the area of weight management and healthy living, the combination of these two words is powerful.

a dreamer and a doer
she dreams and she does
dream and do

Dreamed and DID a bowl of mixed fruit.  Yum!

I Needed That!

Wow!  Did I NEED this! 
I hope if you have the time to read it 
that you'll find it as inspiring and useful as I did.
Check out Frugal Queen's post 
Especially the paragraph about "health"...

"We judiciously look after our health. Diet, exercise and plenty of sleep are non-negotiable. We eat healthily. We don't eat rubbish and we maintain a healthy level of calories. The answer to feeling bad about our personal appearance is never ever ever to reach to food as it can't love us, doesn't comfort us and never ever makes anything better. The same goes for exercise. Our bodies are not designed to be sedentary. I work hard to keep my serotonin levels up by exercising. We set a go to bed time and get up time which ensures we get plenty of quality sleep. We make sure the TV is off early and we never keep ourselves up late for any reason whatsoever. I run.............slowly but I'm always faster than the person who never gets off the couch. I work best I can but I'm fitter and leaner than the person who never does anything about it!"

True in My Own Experience

"We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it."
C.S. Lewis

I'm finding this true in my own experience.


Read today while sitting in Barnes and Noble.
Only when I got home did I wonder why I didn't take the time
to WALK around the mall!?!?
Too much snow and too cold to walk ANYwhere outside presently...

Year End Reflections

"The sin that is most destructive in your life right now
 is the one you are most defensive about."  (Tim Keller, twitter)

When I acknowledge that eating too much, eating thoughtlessly, and eating for reasons besides nourishment is sinful behavior, I experience the most health and "success" in my eating habits.

The statement applies to many other areas of my life as well...Thankfully there is a way to deal with the sin problem that puts my life and daily choices on a whole 'nother track!

Nothing to promote health and a good frame of mind like a trail-walk with grandkids on a sunny, winter afternoon.... (Why don't I do this more often?!?)

Photos - Past and Present

This photo is kind of weird.  I know!
But after reading the link in Myra's most recent post
I've been processing the subject.
I can't speak for the reactions of everyone else who looks at my "fat" photos.
Only for myself.  
And I will say, I will take this weird photo over the "fat" photos ANY day! 
 I AM a happier person when 
practicing healthy habits
and functioning at a healthy weight.
I am SO thankful I found a system that has (finally) worked 
to both GET me to this place
and keep me here.
The photo?
Taken over the Thanksgiving Holiday, poolside, 
by a young grandson who was waiting for his swim suit to arrive.
I handed him my phone/camera to help him occupy his time...


Along the way, it's quotes like these that bring me face-to-face with myself.  
My past, my present, and my future.  
 “You know you're an addict when you're trying to deal with your distress 
with the very thing that caused your distress.”  (a Tim Keller tweet)

This Thanksgiving Season, I'm thankful that over the past (almost) 2 years
I've found a way to deal with the "very thing that caused my distress".
Fast-5 has put boundaries around at least ONE of my eating habits
that was problematic.
To be at a healthy weight is one of many blessings
that I'm counting this week.


"As things are brought back under Christ's rule and authority,
they are restored to health, beauty, and freedom."  (Tim Keller, twitter)

limits ARE freeing

Saw this post in study in brown.  It's on a food-related topic but not my Fast-5 lifestyle per se.  I was intrigued by the ideas contained in it and will put some of them into practice.

Mostly though, I thought how true the concept "limits are freeing" is!  I'm quite sure it's why the Fast-5 lifestyle has worked for me both in losing the weight and maintaining a healthy one.

It really is a "yes-lifestyle" for me.


May I suggest smaller Sarah's video on her post today here?  Her thoughts on "seeing results and NOT seeing results" were motivational for me this morning.

Every morning - yes, EVERY morning - I step on my vintage bathroom scale.  It seldom moves from its 142# mark.  I AM still hoping to see it move down to 139# one of these days, but I can't say I've been putting my energy behind that "hope". 

So.......I guess "results" really isn't what I'm looking for. (Just thinking out loud here.)  Results only come tied to effort.  In that sense, I am stuck.

No WONDER Myra doesn't visit my blog anymore!

Seriously though, I DO show up and do the work in the sense that for almost 2 years I've remained consistent with the Fast-5 pattern of eating that resulted in a 40+ pound weight loss.  My body seems to have found its "comfort zone" around 142#.  If I want to lose those additional 3 pounds, I'll have to expend additional effort.  AND if I want to stay below 140#, I surmise that I'll need to continue expending additional effort.  

(Contemplating my profundity:  "Results only come tied to effort.")


To say that I've been busy doesn't quite convey the whole story.
"Urgent" and "important" have merged over the past few weeks
filling my hours and days (and weeks).
Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk--a stroll, actually.
A necessary break from some necessary responsibilities.
I really had intentions of getting into the habit of brisk walking this summer.
But now it is October.
I'm NOT an outdoor walker in winter.  I'll  have to come up with another plan
for exercise and put it into action so that it doesn't become only an
(I HAVE kept my weight off.  I'm sure this is thanks to the Fast-5 eating habit I've established.)

Power, Love and Self-Control

I've spent the past 9 or 10 days feeling a little like this woman.  A challenge in our family's life altered my routine (and appetite) significantly

I'm sure there were other positives that came out of the situation, but two come to my mind:  the interaction with my three siblings (usually separated by distance) and a 5-pound weight loss!

The title of my blog definitely came into play throughout the days and nights of our experience--Power, Love and Self-Control. I suspect I'll be needing all three like never before in the days ahead.  Especially the "Power" part...

How about YOU?  How are you doing under the weight of YOUR challenges?

Here's  the explanation that came with this $.75 thrift store purchase.
 You can click on it to enlarge it for reading.