Business and Pleasure

 Celebrated Day 7 by walking through
 a charming neighborhood
in Bryan OH.
Such a great way to combine
business and pleasure...
 the business of walking with the pleasure
of peeking at other peoples' yards and houses!

Almost a Week

Trail walking  with my husband this morning - a cool, sunny Monday.
Day 6 of my re-start.
I've successfully eaten within the 5 hour "window"--
and healthy foods and portions, too!

this feels good

Day 2 included successfully eating within the 5 hour "window"
and 2 walks - both short but more than yesterday!
Today (Day 3) I'll open window as I drive to spend time with my parents.
Roasted carrots and fresh pineapple, en route.
I'll close my window enjoying liver & onions with my father at the local restaurant.
And hubby and I walked the paved trail through the wetlands in our neighboring town
earlier today.
This. Feels Good!

Beginning Again

Beginning.  Again.
Fast-5 & Walking.
Ate within the window.  (Banana & Fillet-o-Fish sandwich)
Walked most of way to restaurant in evening...

Walking in Beauty

 These are three of the many pieces of art
that line the hallways of one of the hospitals in our area.
 After visiting a friend there, my husband and I walked for 30 minutes--
separately so we could go at the paces best for us.
 We enjoy finding indoor places to do our 30 minute walking 
during this extra-cold weather we're experiencing presently...
If you're interested in seeing more, 
visit another blog of mine where I posted more!


"You shall work six days, but on the seventh day you shall rest; 
even during plowing time and harvest you shall rest."  (God, Exodus 34:21)
Soooooooooo, today is the Seventh Day
and I will "rest" from my 30 minute walks.
I have been consistent with them this week
the Fast-5 approach to eating.
I ♥ Sabbath.

Joy to the World!

This morning I quit "confessing" and actually REPENTED.
Thirty minutes of walking in circles --
living room to library through eating area and around the kitchen island.

"...there is joy in the presence of God's angels when even one sinner repents..."  (Luke 15:10)


Celebrating the phenomenal success of a blogging friend (whom I've also met in real life)! Congratulations, Martine (Bean)*.  Her determination and self-discipline serve as lighthouses to me in my current "storm".

*Martine, if you're reading this, I had included a link to your post about your "journey".  Almost immediately afterward, I got an email from you that seemed to be a "hack".  I wasn't sure how to let you know, and didn't want to send other people there if it was related to posting a comment on your blog.   Feeling a bit frustrated because that post was VERY inspiring & informational....

July 2015

  1. Celebrate the good health that you enjoy, and
  2. Actively work to preserve and even improve it.
After finding these two statements this morning (here), I  wrote them in my journal.
I think I'll also write them on a file card and carry it with me
while I establish some new good habits....

Let the Weigh-Ins Begin

"It is good to regularly weigh ourselves on the scale of God's Word." - C. H. Spurgeon

Keeping It Real

I guess it was Woody Allen who quipped, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."  Woody had a point!  A couple of weeks after writing about my new vocabulary (see prior post) and just a couple of days before my doctor appointment to be released as far as my new knee is concerned, I slipped on a concrete floor at church and landed HARD on the hip I'd had replaced last March.

The pain in my buttocks (pardon the vivid language) is excruciating when I walk.  Up to a couple of days ago, I used a walker to get around.  Now I've tried to graduate to a cane, but progress is slow.  X-rays showed the hip itself was not damaged.  For that I'm immensely thankful.

BUT (no pun intended), my workouts were abruptly halted.  I believe SOME flexibility has returned, and I have learned and incorporated some tricks to make moving easier. 

All this to report that I have temporarily suspended any real exercise 
and that while I've tried to keep Fast-5 eating plan intact, 
I have at times left its confines to sooth my discouragement. 
Just keeping it real here!
I look forward to a much healthier and sane New Year personally
and wish the same to anyone who reads this post.

A New Vocabulary


These are three new vocabulary words that I'm encountering at least 3 times a week!  (There are other machines, too.  Specifics escape me just now.)  After successfully completing 6 weeks of therapy for my knee replacement, I bit the bullet and purchased a quarter of a year's worth of time at the Health Fit center of the Hicksville Community Hospital.  My husband works out there regularly, and I have resisted membership for YEARS.  However, I don't want to fall back in my progress, and I think it will be a fine way to continue through the winter months especially.

Fast-5 continues to be working for me.  I WOULD like to lose 5 pound this month (November) and believe it is possible unless my body has just decided THIS is where it needs to be.  We'll see.

Choice, Decision, Commitment, Favor

A choice, a decision, a commitment, a FAVOR I do myself. 
Don't complicate it, friends! No regrets here.

Last March, I fell and broke my hip.  I got a new hip and began eating 3 meals a day while in the hospital.  I kept up the 3 meal a day habit in the weeks of rehab.  This was a change from the Fast-5 lifestyle I had been living for a couple of years.  Besides the change in meal patterns, I found myself eating more sweets and making silly food choices.  The pounds began to add up.

On September 23rd, I had a knee replaced.  While I ate meals in the hospital, I determined that when I got home, I would return to the Fast-5 lifestyle.  This means eating within a 5 hour "window" and "fasting" the other 19 hours of the day.

I am thankful for the decision I made and for the results that I've already achieved.  This morning, I wrote the words at the beginning of this post on the Fast-5 facebook page. 

Soon I expect to ADD more walking to my knee rehab exercises and will continue to SUBTRACT pounds until I am a healthy weight again.  (It should take about another month.)

Coming Up:  Lessons Learned

Walking, Walking, Walking

A couple of weeks ago, we parked our car next to this pickup truck.
I couldn't help but take a picture of these words!
My hip is healing from hip replacement surgery,
 but the knee on my opposite leg is NOT happy about it!
X-rays indicate a knee replacement is in my near future.
Meanwhile (after a cortisone shot), I am doubling my efforts
to get the hip strong and ready to do ITS part when the knee needs it.
Walking.  Walking.  Walking.
God help me Git er Done.