Eating Out

 Such interesting and healthy choices!
 I had the salmon salad - spinach, avocado and ruby red grapefruit slices 
 with a vinaigrette dressing!
I passed on the breads and desserts--but don't these breads look yummy!
Honey on the Table was a new spot for me...
had a European flair.
There was outdoor seating, but it was full yesterday.
I expect to return here soon.
The Fast-5 eating plan let me enjoy so many pleasurable foods
and still lose weight.
It's 4 me!

A Facebook Exchange

She said: "Mexican at 10 at night? What were we THINKING?"

I answered: "That's why I like the Fast-5 thing I've been 'doing' since February. It kind of does the thinking FOR me. From the start, I found its psychological benefits equal to or surpassing the physical ones."


Somehow, it helps.
At the beginning of each month, I record weekly (and realistic) weight-loss goals
in my purse-sized date book. 
Today is the 24th and I am at the goal I projected for the 27th...
(if you click on the picture, it enlarges--and you can see how much I weigh)
so I've turned the page and written down my targets for June. 

Post your goals where you’ll see them often, along with notes of inspiration.
 Reminders are a good thing.
(from Motivation to Live Well, 6/4/12)


This week I said goodbye to the 160's (pounds, that is)...
with little fanfare, but great JOY!
Ten more to go
and then I believe I will be satisfied to "maintain".

Eating Out

 While visiting my infant grandson who is hospitalized in Chicago,
 I took our daughter and my sister who had driven with me
 out to lunch.  One of them wanted Chinese.
 So this is where we went.
It served both Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
I didn't officially find out what "maki" and "uni" were.
My dauighter thought a kind of tuna???
I had steamed white rice with a chicken/vegetable combination
and could only eat about half of it.
So I successfully ate within my "window".
This plan is so flexible.
It served me well on Mother's Day also when I 
carried in meatloaf,  refrigerated mash potatoes, and hummingbird cake
to my parents' home.
My sister brought the rolls and a wonderful spinach/strawberry salad.


You've gotta love those D.Q. mini Blizzards!
Not the price so much 
as the serving size.
I like Georgia Mud Fudge
made with chocolate ice cream.
When eaten occasionally within my 5 hour window
(per the Fast-5 eating plan),
I have continued to lose weight steadily.
Do YOU have a favorite treat?

Up the Down Escalator

A friend of a  facebook friend of mine
 posted these two sentences from her reading (no attribution included):  
"Recovery from emotional and compulsive eating is like trying to go up the down escalator. 
If we stand still and don't take daily steps to grow spiritually we can slowly slip backwards."
How TRUE that is!
I would add that (for me, at least) 
it isn't always a SLOW slip backwards.
Sometimes it's a very violent fall.
I believe the mental image of trying to go up a down escalator
will be helpful to me to stay deliberate in my "daily steps" 
toward health and wellness today.

Holding Patterns

At least SOME of our iris are blooming
while others appear to be in a "holding pattern...
Weight-wise, I feel like the latter.
It's hard not to be impatient.
I forget that I can't register a loss on the scale EVERYday!
Fortunately, here are other measures of health to "weigh".
That's what I'm doing today--
and counting my blessings.