Eating Out

 While visiting my infant grandson who is hospitalized in Chicago,
 I took our daughter and my sister who had driven with me
 out to lunch.  One of them wanted Chinese.
 So this is where we went.
It served both Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
I didn't officially find out what "maki" and "uni" were.
My dauighter thought a kind of tuna???
I had steamed white rice with a chicken/vegetable combination
and could only eat about half of it.
So I successfully ate within my "window".
This plan is so flexible.
It served me well on Mother's Day also when I 
carried in meatloaf,  refrigerated mash potatoes, and hummingbird cake
to my parents' home.
My sister brought the rolls and a wonderful spinach/strawberry salad.

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  1. Everything sounds great, Rebecca. I think eating half of restaurant portions is a great idea. So glad you visited that precious baby. Susan