A Facebook Exchange

She said: "Mexican at 10 at night? What were we THINKING?"

I answered: "That's why I like the Fast-5 thing I've been 'doing' since February. It kind of does the thinking FOR me. From the start, I found its psychological benefits equal to or surpassing the physical ones."


  1. yep, that would be ME...so where do I find the "rules" for this diet??

  2. ha ha ha Rebecca! Absolutely NO offense taken! I think that was the night we drove part way to SC and stopped overnight. We collapsed for a while at the hotel and by the time we got around to getting something to eat, it was so late! You are right though, it would probably be difficult for me with our crazy schedule. I need to go back on the "eating carbs only one hour out of 24" thing I've done several times. Once you get past the first couple days it isn't too hard to do and it is actually energizing. (Whoops I saw your note in my email and thought I saw it here) So did you reach your 6/1/2012 goal? You are a VERY disciplined person all the way around! I admire that!!