Walking, Walking, Walking

A couple of weeks ago, we parked our car next to this pickup truck.
I couldn't help but take a picture of these words!
My hip is healing from hip replacement surgery,
 but the knee on my opposite leg is NOT happy about it!
X-rays indicate a knee replacement is in my near future.
Meanwhile (after a cortisone shot), I am doubling my efforts
to get the hip strong and ready to do ITS part when the knee needs it.
Walking.  Walking.  Walking.
God help me Git er Done.

The Mostly No Sugar Plan

I'm back.  Kind of.  I'm not going to lie.  My mid-March fall and subsequent hip replacement did me no favors in the health department!  But last night, the evening of our 43rd anniversary, found us outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Total relaxation.  And with it, a sense of health returning.

Oh.  I said I'm not going to lie.  Earlier in the day, I ate a piece of apple pie and and had later indulged in a homemade mocha latte.  Sugar enough for a week!  So when I read this morning's  How to be Chic, I was ripe and ready for "The Mostly No Sugar" idea.
 I am implementing it this minute.  Not a moment too soon.