No Vacation

This was my entree at Caffe REL - a French bistro style restaurant in Franklin, North Carolina.  Here I may have enjoyed the best salmon I've ever tasted!  It was served with  red currant sauce and chutney and delicious stir fried vegetables.
 I was too full to order a 3 tiered, 7" high chocolate cake "slab",
as some call the enormous piece of dessert.
While on vacation, we enjoy a fine meal daily and eat fruit either 
within 5 hours before or after the meal to continue the pattern of
Fast-5 eating that we enjoy at home.  
I love this lifestyle.  It is flexible, fulfilling, and fits well into vacation living.
Financially, it is pleasing also.  It frees up money spent on other meals to "splurge"
at least once a day on a great meal and good atmosphere.
No vacation from Fast-5 for me.

New Mercies

New mercies.
Renewed perspective.
Refreshed spirit.
Joyful determination.
Fresh wind.
Fresh fire.
HIS strength.
MY commitment.

"One person with commitment accomplishes more than a thousand with an opinion."  (Orrin Woodward)

Tattooed on my Eyelids

"Feed me with the food that is needful for me, lest I be full and deny you"
 (Prov 308-9). Excess can be deadly to the soul.
 (Nancy Leigh DeMoss' tweet)

Oh, my.  I should have this tattooed on my EYELIDS!
I looked it up in several translations.
Reading the full verses  is interesting.
I like Nancy's summary--Excess CAN be deadly to the soul.