Keeping It Real

I guess it was Woody Allen who quipped, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."  Woody had a point!  A couple of weeks after writing about my new vocabulary (see prior post) and just a couple of days before my doctor appointment to be released as far as my new knee is concerned, I slipped on a concrete floor at church and landed HARD on the hip I'd had replaced last March.

The pain in my buttocks (pardon the vivid language) is excruciating when I walk.  Up to a couple of days ago, I used a walker to get around.  Now I've tried to graduate to a cane, but progress is slow.  X-rays showed the hip itself was not damaged.  For that I'm immensely thankful.

BUT (no pun intended), my workouts were abruptly halted.  I believe SOME flexibility has returned, and I have learned and incorporated some tricks to make moving easier. 

All this to report that I have temporarily suspended any real exercise 
and that while I've tried to keep Fast-5 eating plan intact, 
I have at times left its confines to sooth my discouragement. 
Just keeping it real here!
I look forward to a much healthier and sane New Year personally
and wish the same to anyone who reads this post.