let's call a spade a spade
"When something eats us, we overeat. 
Gluttony is self-medication for unhappy emotions."
So tweaked Rick Warren recently.
That's right.  R.W., the famous pastor of Saddleback Church.
His parishioners have successfully lost tons and tons of pounds.
I'm going to be researching The Daniel Plan 
which they followed.
Until then, I am seriously paying attention to my food intake
(and emotions)!

*Gluttony.  What an ugly word.
But let's call a spade a spade
in the sense of speaking honestly and directly about a topic.

1/2 Price Christmas Candy

  • Just because the mini Hershey bars are 1/2 off, doesn't mean you have to buy them.
  • Just because you bought them doesn't mean you have to eat them all in one night.
  • Just because they're still 1/2 price and they're just about gone doesn't mean you have to go back and buy some more.

Joy to the World!

I walked 30 minutes today.  That's all.