Joy to the World!

I walked 30 minutes today.  That's all.


  1. Hooray for you!
    Christmas Blessings abound...sending ((HUGS)) your way.

  2. I cannot believe how much weight I've put on (a couple pounds) in the past month. And I'm eating less, not more. Stress does crazy things to the body...

    I wish I had gotten out for a 30 minute walk. Good for you!!!

  3. Eat less hasn't worked that well for me. Between my diabetic diet and the celiac diet I don't know what to eat. So eating very little hasn't helped me lose much. It's said that our body goes into starvation mode which keeps us from losing weight. My Endo goes and changes my thyroid meds, a pill with an unusual name, but when I got it home I saw it was levothyroxyn which didn't work for me in the past. He said it's worked for those with celiac. We'll see. I feel like a toad most of the time. "Ribbit" Having joy through the holiday will not be provided with food!