1/2 Price Christmas Candy

  • Just because the mini Hershey bars are 1/2 off, doesn't mean you have to buy them.
  • Just because you bought them doesn't mean you have to eat them all in one night.
  • Just because they're still 1/2 price and they're just about gone doesn't mean you have to go back and buy some more.


  1. Hi Rebecca: "Ain't" that athe truth? Susan

  2. I bought two packets (125g) of Jelly Belly beans half price after Christmas and of course ate both of them ('for the gift box' indeed). And this is after kicking sweets and lollies out of my diet because I know they make me feel yuck. Good for you for resisting 'half price'.

    And isn't the name gross? After them one gets a jelly belly, obviously.