I Walked and Walked and Walked Some More

I didn't walk 30 minutes today;  I walked more like two hours.
I didn't walk quickly today;  I did some strolling.
I didn't walk alone today; I walked with my husband.
It wasn't cool today;  it was hot.
I didn't walk inside my house today;  I walked through other peoples' homes and gardens.

To see more of the OUTDOOR scenes that I saw, click here.

I'm WITH It!

This is the path from our side yard to the front door.  This week (as many of you know) I began a path.  A path of 3 days without white flour, pasta & rice.  I was successful and got back to 30 minutes of walking daily, too.  I'm not at the "front door" yet, but I'm on the way.

More important than what I went WITHOUT is what I am WITH!  I am WITH energy--emotional and physical.  I'm going to get serious about finding the article that triggered this three-day dare.  It made sense then; it makes sense now.  I'd just like to read it in full again.

Losing It With Jillian

In my weight loss journey of last year, I pretty much eliminated breads and pasta from my daily menus.  Concentrating on fruits and vegetables with occasional chicken or fish, I successfully lost over 40 pounds.  Gradually, I have drifted back into eating breads and pasta -- too much, too often.  

After reading a chiropractors blog yesterday, I accepted his challenge to eliminate breads, pasta, & white flour completely for three days and take note of my energy levels and emotional responses.  Today was Day 1.  Already I believe I have more energy.  I didn't feel sluggish and sleepy in the afternoon.  I intend to follow this plan the next two days.

I came to the end of the day and hadn't exercised.  While flipping TV channels, I came across a show that was new to me:  Losing It With Jillian*.  After about 15 minutes of watching a husband and wife with significant weight to lose do so intensive workouts, I got out of my chair and did my 30 minute indoor walking routine while I watched.

I'm really thankful that I did it. I plan to do it early tomorrow morning instead of putting it off until 8:30 p.m.!

*Losing It With Jillian: Jillian Michaels To Rid Families Of Their Excuses and Empower Them To Transform Their Lives In a New Life-Changing Series (from a Press Release)

"I've Been Resting on my Laurels"

(Sung to tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad") 
I've been resting on my laurels
Far too many days!
I've been resting on my laurels;
But I'm done with lazy ways.
So I got back to my work-out.
Now to plan my meals...
I've been resting on my laurels
But now I'm back to "real"!

Centuries ago, the Greeks crowned the victor in the Pythian Games with a wreath of laurels in the belief that laurels communicated the spirit of prophecy and poetry.  (They also reportedly put laurel leaves under their pillows to acquire inspiration!)  The laurel in modern times is a symbol of victory and peace and of excellence in literature and the arts.

The phrase "Rest on your laurels" refers to being so satisfied with past achievement that you make no effort to improve--to stop trying because of one's success or satisfaction with the past.

Well, I'm DONE with that!  I've even been inspired to hijack the words to an old song to sing of my resolution and effort today! 
Sing along, if you want!

Days Well-Lived at the Abbey

A solitary walk up this hill yielded this close up of Joseph and Jesus....
Another day, a hike with friends took us to the statues.
Healthy meals (and no in-between-meal snacks) and daily outings like these contributed to my PHYSICAL well-being.  My emotions and spirit were similarly nurtured.  I hope to honor the time I enjoyed at Gethsemani by continuing these practices.