"I've Been Resting on my Laurels"

(Sung to tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad") 
I've been resting on my laurels
Far too many days!
I've been resting on my laurels;
But I'm done with lazy ways.
So I got back to my work-out.
Now to plan my meals...
I've been resting on my laurels
But now I'm back to "real"!

Centuries ago, the Greeks crowned the victor in the Pythian Games with a wreath of laurels in the belief that laurels communicated the spirit of prophecy and poetry.  (They also reportedly put laurel leaves under their pillows to acquire inspiration!)  The laurel in modern times is a symbol of victory and peace and of excellence in literature and the arts.

The phrase "Rest on your laurels" refers to being so satisfied with past achievement that you make no effort to improve--to stop trying because of one's success or satisfaction with the past.

Well, I'm DONE with that!  I've even been inspired to hijack the words to an old song to sing of my resolution and effort today! 
Sing along, if you want!


  1. I want to sing along, too!! I've been resting on my laurels too long myself!!!

  2. I heard someone say once that when you rest on your laurels they wilt! Good thoughts for today.

  3. Oh yeah, Rebecca. Resting on my laurels is not good. When I do that, they expand! Ha! Susan

  4. Oh Rebecca so many of us grown lazy and rest on our laurels myself included.....a good reminder this post is my friend...:-) Hugs

  5. I'm with Susan, my laurels have expanded!
    Sadly, I have only myself to blame and the forfeiting of a no-carb plan.
    It's time to get back on track!
    Your lyrics are GREAT...didn't know you were a song writer. Have a good week!
    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  6. Great post - great comments! Brightened a very damp morning! You ladies are the best...hope your day is good, wherever you are.

  7. I think my laurels need a rest...but then like I always say...I can rest when I die.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog and for leaving your gracious comment. I'd like to invite you to follow it as well. I will also follow all your blogs through this one.

  8. I've NOT been resting on my Laurels! I have been getting things accomplished around here! The heat here is horrible so had to stop for awhile.
    I liked this post Rebecca, it was interesting to discover where the old saying came from.
    Love Di ♥