I chuckle at the commercial I hear
over and over and over and over again 
going back and forth to Ohio to care for my parents.
"If you've got a big belly, you might not be fat! 
You may just be bloated!"
Fifty days ago, I may have fallen for this commercial.
Today, not so much.
Much of the "bloat" that I experienced
has disappeared as my weight has dropped 
over the past fifty days of Fast-5 lifestyle,
and I haven't spent a penny 
on the product the commercial promotes.


This morning I penned in "49" on my journal page.
49 days of practicing the Fast-5 pattern--
19 hours of fasting; a 5 hour "window" for eating.
I'd lived this pattern a few years ago,
successfully reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.
Maybe I should look back and figure out WHY I quit it,
and maybe it doesn't matter. 
My circumstances have changed.
My husband's retirement, three surgeries between the two of us,
and stepped up care and involvement with my parents
are a few of the intervening and current challenges
calling for the best in me.
I'm thankful to have returned to the pattern that served me so well in the past.
It sustains and supports me NOW.


 I drive through this town frequently every week.
Most of the time, the stoplight turns red as I reach the intersection
giving me opportunity to observe the progress on this project.
 THIS week, the scaffolding was removed
and a blank canvas has been produced on which a mural will be painted.
The progress is there for all to see...
Likewise with my Fast-5 "re-boot".
Today (Day 45) I was able to button a skirt I haven't worn for awhile
and tuck in my shirt!
The scale registered a weight loss, too.

 I Timothy 4:15 says:
Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, 
so that all may see your progress.
(I know that "these things" doesn't refer to weight loss
and healthy habits, but the verse still encourages me in this area
as well as development of my spiritual gifts...)