Thankful--Not Just FULL!

As the "feast day" approaches, I've fortified our food supply with many fresh fruits and vegetables.  For breakfast his morning I cut up fresh oranges (particularly tasty), bananas, and fresh pineapple.  I really like this combination.

I can't credit any one person for this reminder, but it's a good one, I think!
"Don't forget to be THANKful--not just FULL."

Act As If

I read this "Act As If" post and decided if I can do this for the next 30 days, I will have accomplished a MAJOR goal.

You can see that I've "jumped the gun" a bit as far as Christmas decorating goes.  While my husband was still on vacation, I had him pulling boxes out of the attic.  I have put up a couple of small trees, but won't DeCK tHeM OuT until after Thanksgiving.

By Christmas, I hope to be able to fit into a few of the clothes that I carelessly outgrew over the past few months.  I will accomplish this by Acting As If.

If you're challenged by some unwanted pounds, I think you'll be encouraged by this great post!

Traveling Mercies

We made a 529 mile journey, leaving immediately after church yesterday.  I packed food--pineapple, black grapes, bananas, carrot strips, some whole wheat wraps, peanut butter, raisins, and some Chex snack mix. 

It helped me empty the refrigerator, saved $$ potentially spent on restaurant meals, and helped us get to our destination earlier.

There will be time for restaurant eating later.
I spent the morning at 3 thrift stores located right downtown AND across from this tempting sign.
Since I still had 37 minutes in the parking meter, I crossed the street and purchased 1/2 pounds of chocolates.  It was hard to decide which ones to pick, but I tried to limit my selections to those healthy dark chocolate ones!

The chocolates are made on the premises and you can order on-line.  I highly recommend them! Did I mention that in a second room, all they had were truffles?

Looking Ahead

Clearly, October is gone and November is well into itself!  After a busy week with two grandsons, I have minutes now to regroup and reflect.  Yesterday I surprised myself by commenting on someone's facebook post with these sentences.  (I'm not sure WHO I was "channeling", but I like the sound of it!)

Every DAY is a new beginning with me. Some days I absolutely ROCK! Other days, I couldn't tell you what I accomplished. But every day I try to "love on" SOMEone, create or appreciate some beauty, learn something new, laugh out loud, do something good for my body, and bring a smile to God's "face"

Looking ahead, I see that our schedule over the next week and a half will involve travel and eating out. I  I will return to these statements (which I've copied into my date book) to bring some focus and shape and sanity to my the next few days.