Traveling Mercies

We made a 529 mile journey, leaving immediately after church yesterday.  I packed food--pineapple, black grapes, bananas, carrot strips, some whole wheat wraps, peanut butter, raisins, and some Chex snack mix. 

It helped me empty the refrigerator, saved $$ potentially spent on restaurant meals, and helped us get to our destination earlier.

There will be time for restaurant eating later.
I spent the morning at 3 thrift stores located right downtown AND across from this tempting sign.
Since I still had 37 minutes in the parking meter, I crossed the street and purchased 1/2 pounds of chocolates.  It was hard to decide which ones to pick, but I tried to limit my selections to those healthy dark chocolate ones!

The chocolates are made on the premises and you can order on-line.  I highly recommend them! Did I mention that in a second room, all they had were truffles?


  1. nothing like good healthy dark chocolate! Nice that you are able to chronicle your trip as you go!

  2. ooooo,Rebecca,I'd be in big trouble with any kind of chocolates....could never eat just one. Hope you are having a blast.Susan

  3. Truffles are one of my very, very favorites!
    And you are such a tease , THREE thrift shops!!!
    Well I hope at least that you found some treasures! Love Di ♥

  4. What a lovely picnic basket filled with healthy goodies! Of course everyone knows the health benefits of dark chocolate (wink, wink). Finding three thrift shops is just the icing on the cake! Enjoy your trip!