Act As If

I read this "Act As If" post and decided if I can do this for the next 30 days, I will have accomplished a MAJOR goal.

You can see that I've "jumped the gun" a bit as far as Christmas decorating goes.  While my husband was still on vacation, I had him pulling boxes out of the attic.  I have put up a couple of small trees, but won't DeCK tHeM OuT until after Thanksgiving.

By Christmas, I hope to be able to fit into a few of the clothes that I carelessly outgrew over the past few months.  I will accomplish this by Acting As If.

If you're challenged by some unwanted pounds, I think you'll be encouraged by this great post!


  1. Glad to be of assistance and thank you for the mention. I'm using it for slimming too. You have a great way of looking at weight loss. 'Just do it for 30 days' doesn't sound at all daunting, and imagine how good we will feel after a month of being thoughtful of what we put in our mouths. Merci!

  2. I like the concept...especially to act if you are already slim...and make the choices of a slim person. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I will visit the post when I'm done here. I have to tell you Rebecca that you aren't the only one who's been putting out a few Christmas decorations. Ginny won't be home this year for Christmas so I am putting a few out!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Nice. I'm with you on this, so let's keep each other motivated! I started (again) today...I think I will get out some of the specific holiday outfits from the closet that I want to wear this Christmas season and hang them up in my bedroom where I can see them.
    I truly will be happy with 5 pounds between now and Christmas. That should be do-able. One thing I have quit doing...I am NOT buying anything that says "extra large". I do not want to be "extra large" why buy that size? If it doesn't fit, it stays in the store (or thrift shop!) ... I guess that goes along with "acting as if..." !!

  5. "acting as if"...what a lovely phrase! Thanks for sharing the link. Hope your day is a dandy!

  6. Well dear seems we will be in this together :)

    I lost the weight...and then slowly but began to creep back on.

    I don't particularly like being over-weight. But what I truly do not like is the lack of motivation I seem to have, to just move.

    So for 30 days...I will live "as if" I am loosing weight and become motivated :)

    In His Love,


  7. The Bible calls it "calling things that
    are not, as though they were." With
    the power of the Holy Spirit behind
    your words it could actually become
    a reality. Without Him, I doubt it.
    Interesting though.

  8. You're right, Sandy. Basically "acting as if" is the essence of faith, isn't it?