Before October Ends...

You know it's bad when I resort to posting silhouettes--silhouettes reflected in a mirror that's slanted just right--and THOSE posted with a hope that no one clicks on the picture to enlarge it in order to see details!

Facing the reality reflected in the mirror, I did my food shopping. Apples, a pineapple, some black grapes (yummy!), and a bunch of broccoli were some of my purchases. 

I KNOW I need to get serious about cutting the sugar out of my diet again.  It has slowly crept back in (yesterday in the form of a a small piece of homemade coconut cream pie).  I also made an unwise choice or two in restaurants the past couple of week (onion rings & something else I've already forgotten). 

I'm thankful for the healthy alternatives available in my grocery store.
I'm thankful for mirrors and cameras that confront me with my reality.
I'm thankful for an inward desire to change.
I'm thankful for Power to change.

Before October ends, I'm going to have ONE good day of healthy eating and 30 minutes of walking!
That would be TODAY!

Distracted, Disorganized, but Determined

I've lost some ground, but I've not given up! 
I've been distracted and disorganized, but 
my determination is at a high level this morning.