Distracted, Disorganized, but Determined

I've lost some ground, but I've not given up! 
I've been distracted and disorganized, but 
my determination is at a high level this morning.


  1. Love the quote "LIVE healthy to BECOME healthy"! It's a constant battle and I just came back from 3 weeks in FL at my daughter's and we were very "naughty" indeed. It's time to get back on the horse! A brisk walk this morning in the cool air is a beginning, right? Have a wonderful and blessed day, Rebecca.

  2. I had a bad "diet" day yesterday. It was a frustrating day all the way around, from the time I got up till I dropped in bed last night...It's a new day today, and I can't say my determination is at a high level, but I am working to get back on track. It IS amazing how distractions and disorganization can do us in!

  3. Donna, A brisk walk is what I need! Thanks for reminding me. (It will be a good break from working on tomorrow's speech, too.)

  4. Thanksgiving last weekend, company for 3 days this week....oh do I ever have to refocus.
    You look great.....:- Hugs

  5. Tell us what your speech is about!
    Praising God for your encouraging ways.
    Blessings and ((HUGS)) sent today.

  6. Thanks for the encouraging words, I have been so lax in my exercise lately. I have been busy, but not exercising. You look wonderful.

  7. Her speech was wonderful! from one of the listeners . . .

  8. I think that different seasons affect our energies Rebecca. Fall is one of the seasons that gives me lots of energy. Which is why getting sick has really frustrated me. Maybe your season of inspiration just isn't Fall?
    None the less, I suspect that you will get back on track soon! Love Di ♥