The 3 Bite Rule

Sigh...........The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow mentions the 3 BITE RULE in this post.   I THINK I'm going to practice that for a few days and see what happens.  SOMEthing has to give!  (I just ate a piece of leftover taco pizza for breakfast, so I'm starting right NOW.)


  1. Well Rebecca, you know where I am this weekend and the three bite rule will definitely not work for me. I'm becoming terrified to get my scale replaced. This has been a tough month to be on any kind of eating routine, 3 bites or otherwise: two weekends in SC, one weekend tailgating at OSU and this weekend celebrating our anniversary. I've got to get a serious grip before the holidays arrive. I've never had taco pizza for breakfast...but I love cold, leftover pepperoni pizza!

  2. Not quite sure how I got to your blog - but am glad I did!
    I've listed you on my morning reads - as I perused thru several posts - you are quite inspirational right where I need to be. Thank you for being an encourager.

  3. Thank you for stopping in at my blog. Welcome!