Left Overs - Yummy!

I'm home alone for a few days.  I decided to use up some leftover onions and tomatoes from the weekend's Brat and Burger Bash.  Chopped 'em up and added them to a partial package of chopped cabbage.  I made a dressing by thinning down the meager amount of mayo left in the jar with some red wine vinegar, a tad of sugar and a bit of soy sauce.  

I'm here to tell you, it was DELICIOUS!
I ate it during my Fast-5 "window", of course.

Not an End....Just a Beginning!

Attaining your goal is not the end...on the contrary, it’s just the beginning!

So reads the Motivation to Live Well on this first day of autumn.
My new weight goal for September 30th is 138#.
Stepping on the scale this afternoon as I showered to get ready for a party this evening,
I see that I have reached it.
Fast-5 has proved an effective plan and since February 6,
I've lost at least 42 pounds.
I'm thinking that by the end of October I shall have reached
a reasonable weight to maintain.  135#.
Not an end....just the beginning!

The Rebel in Me

After reading a post about someone's experience exercising at a health club (I believe it was), I decided to be honest about my own experience and philosophy of exercise.

I confess to being quite frugal with money and not liking to sweat very much.  I also admit that I wouldn't consider myself an extremely active person.  Maybe these traits contribute to the fact that  I've never been a huge fan of "artificial" exercise. 

It seems to me that there's always some new class or stream of exercise calling for fees, equipment, clothes/shoes, and inconvenient scheduling.   My first instinct is to resist these.  That's why at age 63,  I'm more conscious of and committed to incorporating "natural" movement, activity, and thoughtfulness into everyday chores. 

Maybe it's an age thing.  Maybe it's just the rebel in me...
but when, why, and how did exercise become Big Business?


OK.  That's what I get for messing around with my posts.
I deleted a couple of the most recent ones and have a feeling they are irretrievable.
Fortunately, I also jot down daily notes in longhand in my journal.
These are about as permanent as humanly possible., I guess.
Thankfully there are SOME words that are ETERNAL!
“All men are like grass,
and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of the Lord stands forever.”
I Peter 1:24-25

It's important to keep things in perspective!
Even weight loss.