Not an End....Just a Beginning!

Attaining your goal is not the end...on the contrary, it’s just the beginning!

So reads the Motivation to Live Well on this first day of autumn.
My new weight goal for September 30th is 138#.
Stepping on the scale this afternoon as I showered to get ready for a party this evening,
I see that I have reached it.
Fast-5 has proved an effective plan and since February 6,
I've lost at least 42 pounds.
I'm thinking that by the end of October I shall have reached
a reasonable weight to maintain.  135#.
Not an end....just the beginning!


  1. That's great Rebecca! How pleased you must be. What an accomplishment. You inspire me.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I'm glad to find your url and look forward to a face-to-face later today. :)

  2. Exciting Rebecca ...I am still is kind of slow right now but I am maintaining the fast -5 Thank you for the inspiration.