Live Well

From Today's Motivation to Live Well (in my sidebar) today:

Live not in what has happened, or fear of what may come tomorrow. 
Live Well in the here and now, and treat this as your defining moment.

That's pretty much my goal today.
I'll "open my Fast-5 window" at 11:30
when I meet a friend for lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
It's a little earlier than I usually eat, 
but I'm thankful for the flexibility of this lifestyle
that lets me enjoy an endless variety of food 
without calorie counting or measuring, etc. 

Yesterday I had a craving for something sweet.
Unfortunately it "hit" after my window had closed.
I resisted the temptation and enjoyed a cup of
hazelnut cream decaf coffee instead.
I'm REALLY glad I didn't give in to the urge.
I feel stronger and healthier for having made that decision.


A Lifetime Challenge

Only now would I be "courageous" enough to again admit to writing this book.
Published by Victor Books, then a division of Scripture Press,
it was one in a series of Bible studies for women.
Self-discipline has always been an area of challenge for me.
Once again, I've achieved a goal in the weight loss department.
But it's only the beginning.
The book has been out of print for quite awhile, and I had kept no copies for myself.
I stumbled on this one awhile back in a thrift store, brought it home to put on a bookshelf,
and occasionally pull it out to remind me of where I've been, where I am,
and that some challenges are for a life-time!

Maintenance Strategy

Monday - a grilled pear salad.  With goat cheese, bacon and currant vinaigrette dressing!
It was the major part of my eating for the day.
An hour of thrift store shopping with a friend preceded it;
lovely conversation accompanied it.
It was SO good that I'm thinking of repeating the salad
when we go out for a mid-afternoon dinner today!

Hovering around my 135# goal and planning my
Maintenance Strategy are the focus of my healthy lifestyle efforts these days.


If my goal weight is 135#, then I am HERE!
I began Fast-5 on February 6.
I know that I weighed at least 180.
that's losing 45 pounds in about 8 1/2 months.
I plan to ease into "maintenance" the first week of November
while continuing Fast-5.
It has worked well for me in areas besides weight loss
and I'd like to continue those benefits into the next phase of my life.
I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do that, 
but I have a couple of weeks to figure it out.
I'm open to suggestions.
(I'm wearing an "old" dress that's been hanging in my closet
just WAITING for me to arrive at its size.
Feels so good!)


 I'm anticipating some healthy eating
after being gifted with this ENORMOUS sweet potato!
Autumn is a great time to enjoy soups made of combinations of
all KINDS of vegetables! 

Candles, Centerpieces, Company

This centerpiece welcomed guests Saturday evening 
and another full table at noon on Sunday.
By managing/adjusting my Fast-5 "window"
I was able to enjoy my frozen pumpkin dessert, some hot cider
and ALL of the foods that everyone else enjoyed.
I'm SO thankful for this way of eating.
By the end of this month, I expect to be at my goal of 135#, 
so I'm beginning to think about my strategy for November.
How are YOU doing in the area of healthy living?