A Lifetime Challenge

Only now would I be "courageous" enough to again admit to writing this book.
Published by Victor Books, then a division of Scripture Press,
it was one in a series of Bible studies for women.
Self-discipline has always been an area of challenge for me.
Once again, I've achieved a goal in the weight loss department.
But it's only the beginning.
The book has been out of print for quite awhile, and I had kept no copies for myself.
I stumbled on this one awhile back in a thrift store, brought it home to put on a bookshelf,
and occasionally pull it out to remind me of where I've been, where I am,
and that some challenges are for a life-time!


  1. Hi Rebecca: I didn't know you wrote a book! That's great. How interesting you found it while shopping in a thrift store! Glad it's back home with you. Susan

  2. That is a great reminder!! and I remember you speaking about your book before you should have that put into an ebook ~I would love to read it!! Love Heather

    1. No need for ebook. Plenty of books out there :)

  3. I have a copy of your book Rebecca! Have always wanted to write one myself but seems like time is slipping away and I'm not getting it done!

    I so much enjoy reading your blogs!


    1. Marilyn, what a pleasant surprise to hear :) Thanks for letting me know.