Live Well

From Today's Motivation to Live Well (in my sidebar) today:

Live not in what has happened, or fear of what may come tomorrow. 
Live Well in the here and now, and treat this as your defining moment.

That's pretty much my goal today.
I'll "open my Fast-5 window" at 11:30
when I meet a friend for lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
It's a little earlier than I usually eat, 
but I'm thankful for the flexibility of this lifestyle
that lets me enjoy an endless variety of food 
without calorie counting or measuring, etc. 

Yesterday I had a craving for something sweet.
Unfortunately it "hit" after my window had closed.
I resisted the temptation and enjoyed a cup of
hazelnut cream decaf coffee instead.
I'm REALLY glad I didn't give in to the urge.
I feel stronger and healthier for having made that decision.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment, Rebecca. Very important to carry out. Have a lovely lunch with your friend. Susan