•  I need to walk today (or tomorrow) to meet last Monday's goal.
  • I will probably fall one fish meal "short" of last Monday's goal.
  • I am usually inspired by the "Motivation to Live Well" feature in my sidebar.  
  • I frequently cringe over the spelling errors in "Motivation to Live Well" - for instance today:  "Attitude fuels every step that we take, choose your's wiseley each day."
  • Our scale isn't 100% accurate, but I'm pretty sure I've dropped at least 1/2 of that 1 pound that was bugging me.  By morning, I think I'll see it ALL gone.
  • It stormed severely yesterday.  I spent awhile picking up the smaller branches and trash scattered around our yard.   We are blessed to have electricity and a roof over our heads.  So many sustained serious damage. 
After an exhausting hour of raking up debris in the heat of the afternoon,
I showered and stepped on the scale.  Guess what!  The pound was GONE!

So Far...So Good

Here's the scoop about the Action Plan I formulated Monday...
1.  I had my first fish meal today - Salmon at Sandra D's in Auburn, IN!
2.  I've walked 2 mornings.  One to go.  (I will probably exceed THIS goal.)
3.  I've continued the Fast-5 plan faithfully.

It's a big boost psychologically to meet and surpass goals, don't you think?


"Action is the foundational key to all success.”
-Pablo Picasso 

Here's my ACTION PLAN for this week:
1.  Continue to observe the 5-hour-window for eating.
2.  Three meals incorporating fish (1 salmon)
3.  Walk 30 minutes 3 days

I did NOT "release" that pound that I referred to in my previous post.
I'm hoping for that to happen before the end of the month.

One Pound...

...that's all I need to "release" (as some people phrase it)
by this Sunday morning.  

Special Occasions

Seems like we've had lots of "special occasions" lately...If not planned FOR and planned AROUND, these can be challenges to a weight-loss crusade!  Just in the last two days, I've planned AROUND an "anniversary extended day" and a Father's Day dinner.  So far, so good...
Now I'm planning for a couple of lake days with girl-friends. 
 In all these cases, the Fast-5 eating plan has served and WILL serve me well. 

Almost There

Working outside - nothing strenuous...just steady.
Good for the body, mind, and soul.
Consistency in observing my "5-hour-eating-window"
is paying off.
I like not having to worry about WHAT foods I eat or
weighing and measuring them.
I've found my appetite diminished;
my weight loss gratifying.
I'm almost "there". 

Lights, Camara, Action

Lights.  Camera.  Action.
After a few days of all three with our grandchildren,
an added blessing was stepping on the scale
this morning and finding I'd lost another pound or two!
I'm almost to my "primary" goal.

Choosing Beauty

A few days ago, a large piece of slate with faded paintings of dragonflies
fell and broke in two as we were cleaning off the potting bench.
At first I was ready to discard the broken piece.
But then I saw potential.
My husband drilled a second hole in the larger piece
and I chose two words to stencil on them.
(Only now do I realize that standing together they say, "Rose Garden"!)
On February 6, 2012, I was about ready to give up on ever being
at a sane weight again.  
I believe that on that day  I was given grace to see the future as a clean slate
on which I could create beauty out of brokenness.
I am receiving DAILY grace for DAILY clean slates.
Each day I can choose to throw possibilities away or to create beauty.
I choose beauty!

What Is Is

See that photo of me from a few years ago over at the top of the side bar?
See the date below the picture?
Yes, my hope was to be looking like that by June 1.
Well, here it is--June 2.
I got a late start.  If I'd gotten serious earlier, I would look like that TODAY!
I'm about 10 pounds from that.
I'll get there.  Just later than I wanted to.
I'm ecstatic that I DID start and am so close to my goal.
(I thought about deleting the date or changing it.
I decided against that.)
What is is.