What Is Is

See that photo of me from a few years ago over at the top of the side bar?
See the date below the picture?
Yes, my hope was to be looking like that by June 1.
Well, here it is--June 2.
I got a late start.  If I'd gotten serious earlier, I would look like that TODAY!
I'm about 10 pounds from that.
I'll get there.  Just later than I wanted to.
I'm ecstatic that I DID start and am so close to my goal.
(I thought about deleting the date or changing it.
I decided against that.)
What is is.


  1. You will get there....and HOPEfully, so will I. Stress eating has taken a toll on my poor body...and it has to stop!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. So excited for you!! I am working on toning up. I would like to build some muscle by time I reach 40 we shall see if I can pull it off.... As soon as it starts to burn a little I tend to want to drop the weights hehehe....Your doing great!! Love Heather