Choosing Beauty

A few days ago, a large piece of slate with faded paintings of dragonflies
fell and broke in two as we were cleaning off the potting bench.
At first I was ready to discard the broken piece.
But then I saw potential.
My husband drilled a second hole in the larger piece
and I chose two words to stencil on them.
(Only now do I realize that standing together they say, "Rose Garden"!)
On February 6, 2012, I was about ready to give up on ever being
at a sane weight again.  
I believe that on that day  I was given grace to see the future as a clean slate
on which I could create beauty out of brokenness.
I am receiving DAILY grace for DAILY clean slates.
Each day I can choose to throw possibilities away or to create beauty.
I choose beauty!

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  1. Nice analogy, Rebecca. Hopeful, too. You are lookikng great! Good job on the slate(s), too. Susan