•  I need to walk today (or tomorrow) to meet last Monday's goal.
  • I will probably fall one fish meal "short" of last Monday's goal.
  • I am usually inspired by the "Motivation to Live Well" feature in my sidebar.  
  • I frequently cringe over the spelling errors in "Motivation to Live Well" - for instance today:  "Attitude fuels every step that we take, choose your's wiseley each day."
  • Our scale isn't 100% accurate, but I'm pretty sure I've dropped at least 1/2 of that 1 pound that was bugging me.  By morning, I think I'll see it ALL gone.
  • It stormed severely yesterday.  I spent awhile picking up the smaller branches and trash scattered around our yard.   We are blessed to have electricity and a roof over our heads.  So many sustained serious damage. 
After an exhausting hour of raking up debris in the heat of the afternoon,
I showered and stepped on the scale.  Guess what!  The pound was GONE!


  1. congratulations to you...from a this horrible speller and grammar person, oh my! it is one of my many weaknesses

    meeting your goals..what a joy, my weight has gone the other way and is so frustrating, but I get up and go to the gym again

    1. Well, you spelled everything right here, Janette! And I don't know if I've EVER gone to the gym :)