let's call a spade a spade
"When something eats us, we overeat. 
Gluttony is self-medication for unhappy emotions."
So tweaked Rick Warren recently.
That's right.  R.W., the famous pastor of Saddleback Church.
His parishioners have successfully lost tons and tons of pounds.
I'm going to be researching The Daniel Plan 
which they followed.
Until then, I am seriously paying attention to my food intake
(and emotions)!

*Gluttony.  What an ugly word.
But let's call a spade a spade
in the sense of speaking honestly and directly about a topic.

1/2 Price Christmas Candy

  • Just because the mini Hershey bars are 1/2 off, doesn't mean you have to buy them.
  • Just because you bought them doesn't mean you have to eat them all in one night.
  • Just because they're still 1/2 price and they're just about gone doesn't mean you have to go back and buy some more.

Joy to the World!

I walked 30 minutes today.  That's all.

“Before we can conqueror the world, we must first conqueror the self.” 
J. Oswald Sanders

Reluctance, Relief, and Response

After over 2 weeks of nursing my itchy body (see more details here) I was highly RELUCTANT to step on the scale this morning.   Good eating habits have gone out the window as I've caved to cravings and neglected the preparation of healthy meals.  Furthermore, I mostly sat in a chair in my tacky terrycloth robe - the only comfortable position and clothes given my condition!

So imagine my RELIEF to see that I have not gained any weight!  It's a sort of miracle.  Hershey Hugs candy wrappers clutter the table beside my recliner.  How can this be?!

My RESPONSE to this is fresh enthusiasm.  As the rash wanes and my energy returns, I am optimistic about today and the days to come.  (Two weeks behind, but optimistic!)

What I did right:  It's still early in the morning, but I weighed myself!

Strength, Growth and Energy

Down but not out - yet!  (Read more about my 2-week-plus battle with poison ivy HERE.)  This morning I'm inspired by five year old Elylah, the granddaughter of a friend.  While eating breakfast, she announced, "We eat for three reasons, Grandma.  Strength, Growth and Energy."

She's got THAT right! 
And I'm not giving up until I get it right, too!

Down but not Out

The poison ivy/oak/whatever has put me "DOWN".  Little exercise in my life Thursday and Friday.  And thinking myself in need of a treat, I had 2 dips of ice-cream on Thursday (black cherry and chocolate moosetracks).  Last night we celebrated the birthday of a friend.  I had baked cod - delicious.  The evening was topped off with a piece of cake and yet more ice-cream.

I SHOULD weigh this evening.  I'm not optimistic about what the scale may say, but neither am I OUT of the weight-loss-for-health game. So I will weigh.  And I will post.  And I will hope for "progress".

What I did right:  Vitamin, posted, fish

now i know...

...what those weeds I referred to yesterday were!  (See my other blog HERE.) 

Health-wise I am challenged by an extreme case of poison oak or ivy.  Nonetheless, I tried to maintain healthy habits yesterday -- did a little gardening and ate sensibly (1/3 of a 10" turkey/cheese sub, a few bits of my husband's left-over omelet for lunch; 1/2 chocolate chip cookie shared with a friend over a tall cafe mocha in the evening).

What I did right:  Vitamin, posted, portion control, ate within my calorie limit.

The Tuesday that Was

  • Created apple pancakes ( 3/4 c. complete pancake mix, 3/4 c. oatmeal, chopped apples & water to make proper consistency) for breakfast.  Ate one medium one with maple syrup! 
  • Lunch with Lady Bug friends at Quiet Corner.  I had a piece of spinach quiche.
  • Worked a couple of hours clearing out some overgrown shrubs for a friend.   Raised the ire of some bees and was bitten several times.  Also have quite a rash on my arms.  Wonder what those weeds were???
  • Showered and scrubbed down my skin as good as I could.
  • Ate 1/2 a patty melt and a few potato chips at our local cafe.

What I did right:  Exercise, vitamin, portion control


Yesterday our main meal (eaten around 1:30) included the leftover Asian slaw from Sunday's potluck and sloppy joes served open-face over a couple of leftover buns.

I also made this banana bread out of some bananas that were over-ripe.  I found two of them in the freezer when I went to get out the hamburger for sloppy joes.

Soooooo, I cut the bread long ways first and then cut the halves into halves.  Does that make sense?  Smaller pieces from the get-go.  And I'm trying to eat it before noon - following Dr. Oz's advice for to eat ones carbs in the morning for belly-fat-busting....

What I did right:  Posted, vitamins, portion control, relatively healthy foods.

Welcome, new friends!  Let's encourage each other in our
determination to live healthy lives!


The table was only BEGINNING to fill up when I arrived with my Asian cabbage slaw contribution to the potluck that followed our outdoor church service....

This was a great opportunity to practice moderation and self control!  I didn't do too bad.

What I did right:  vitamin, posted, little portions of a lot of food.

Walking, Wonderful Walking!

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours "house and garden walking" -- a ticketed tour of homes in the West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne (IN).  It was good for me to be active.  The walk wasn't a brisk one but just right for a body that has been confined to sitting in a recliner with a heating pad under the shoulder!
 The day was pleasant and this particular yard was enchanting!
Today we have a potluck meal after our annual "outdoor church service".
I plan to make good food choices 
and start my week in a healthy way.

If you take two steps forward and one step back, you’re still getting someplace.
Don't give up the moment you slip up. Press on!
(Motivation to Live Well, 9/11/11)

What I did right:  Vitamin, a bit of exercise, weighed, posted.

All or Nothing

The green beans/onion/tomato/turkey sausage crockpot combo turned out wonderfully satisfying yesterday.  It was cool and damp outside and the nourishing meal warmed body and spirits.

I have been unable to exercise - even mildly - because of pain around my shoulder blade (bursitis?  muscle strain?)  I am doubtful that I'll have lost even a pound when I weigh tomorrow.  Two days this week I "lapsed" in the eating department - though not as badly as it seemed when I stop to think about it.

Perspective is a difficult thing for me to maintain. 
I'm an all-or-nothing person.  
Any tips for overcoming this mentality would be appreciated! 

What I did right:  Vitamin, portion control, posted

Starting Right

Garden Fresh!

I'm starting the day out right.  I intend to finish it that way.  These are going into the crock pot with some onion and chunks of turkey sausage.  It should be tasty later on this damp, chilly day.

Those who persist reach the finish line,
while those who give up stay behind.
(Today's Motivation to Live Well)

What I did right:  Vitamin

Wipe Out!

That's what I did.
That's what I'd LIKE to do to yesterday.
That's what Jesus did to my past.
Today is another day.

What I did right:  Vitamin.  Posted.  (Not much else.)

Every time you desire to do and choose to do what is right in God's eyes, 
you celebrate the grace that is yours in Christ Jesus.  (A tweet by Paul Tripp)

Labor Day 2011

Labor Day dawned - "cooly"!  Almost cold.  I was a Gardening Fool.  My husband and I waited for the clock to turn a reasonable hour before he began mowing and I hit the weeds.

All was finished and we were showered when guests arrived late in the morning.  We couldn't eat outside (too cool), but after dinner, we went to the yard where some battled it out on the croquet course.  See pictures HERE.

I sat in this chair under the afghan with a cup of coffee.
It was perfect.

Eating-wise, I ended up eating 2 1/2 hamburgers and a piece of watermelon.  I had a few blueberries for breakfast, too.  Yes.  That was all for the day. 

What I did right:  Passed up the potato salad, exercised (gardening), vitamin

First Five

Progress!  The first five pounds are gone. 
I fulfilled my intention to walk this week,
never letting two days in a row that I didn't walk 30 minutes.
At first, five pounds doesn't seem like much to lose
considering my diligence and efforts these past two weeks.
But then I think about THIS...
...and I'm quite encouraged!

What I did right: Weighed & recorded progress, ate healthy foods, walked 30 minutes, vitamin, posted, drank water.

Walk and Weigh

This MUST have been the post I prepared for August 30.  Somehow it remained in my "drafts" where I overlooked it and wrote another one instead.  Today I found it.  And since it's Saturday, I'll just kidnap it.  I didn't walk yesterday.  So that means TODAYAnd tonight I weigh.
< *.*.*.*.*.*.*.* >
Seeds of discipline produce a harvest of strength. Keep planting them daily.
(Yesterday's Motivation to Live Well)

"It" =  walked.  Thirty minutes.  Add this to healthy foods and portion control  I also "invented" our main meal yesterday:  leftover brown rice, shredded chicken breast, a can of water chestnuts, chopped celery, small can of drained mandarin oranges and some shredded cabbage tossed with some cherry mustard balsamic vinegar!  Healthy and delicious.  

What I did right:    Healthy food, portion control, exercise, water, vitamin, posted

Power not Permission

‎'Grace does not grant permission to live in the flesh;
it supplies power to live in the Spirit.'  (John MacArthur)

Another "day of grace" for me--at so many levels.  I DID get out of the recliner and walked 30 minutes. The food I ate was  half a banana;  half of a half of an Italian salad (restaurant style) and half of a small cheesy-bread that came with it; a sandwich consisting of 1 piece of bread with a couple of thin slices of turkey, piece of Baby Swiss cheese and tomato with a drizzle of olive oil and white wine vinegar;  slice of watermelon; and an orange juice slush.  It was more than I've been eating but still well under 1,500 calories.

Tomorrow I weigh - reaping and celebrating the reward of healthy habits this week!

What I did right:  Walked, posted, chose healthy foods, portion control at restaurant, vitamin

Skip or Miss

I skipped yesterday.  Well, I didn't actually SKIP.  I missed!  (Walking, that is.)  I'm not skipping OR missing today.  Otherwise, everything else was fine.

My intention is never to "skip" two days in a row.  That worked for me before....

What I did right:  Vitamin, ate within calorie limits, posted, drank "my" water.

Banking on Gold

I had my first (that I can remember) Ginger Gold apple yesterday.  It was crisp and tart, and the price was right.  I may "bank" on these frequently this fall!  I'd put these apples right up there with Braeburns (another favorite of mine).

I also bought a seedless watermelon. We haven't had a bad or mediocre melon all summer.

Fruit was a large part of my food intake yesterday.

Says eHow:  Apples are a great source of dietary fiber - at least 15% of daily requirement.  They also have 13% of the recommended allowance of vitamin C in addition to a number of antioxidants.  Apple skins contain flavinoids that help prevent blood clots and help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.  A medium apple contains 81 calories.  No need to feel even a little guilty for enjoying one as a snack or lunch with peanut butter spread on its slices!

What I did right:   Vitamin, posted, walked 30 minutes, made healthy choices in food, successfully controlled portions.

Just DO It!

I walked yesterday.  Thirty minutes.  I'll do it again today.  And tomorrow.  Trying to get a pattern going here!  Telling myself, "Just DO it!"

What I did right:    Walked!
                                Worked through an evening of cravings.
                                 Stayed within a sensible calorie limit.
                                 Ate healthy foods.

What I Ate Sunday

Strange as it may sound, here it is:
Small dinner salad with blue cheese dressing (at Harlan Cafe in the company of friends)
About 1 cup of leftover mac/cheese (at home)
A small spoonful of peanut butter (at home)
About 8 ounces of an orange juice slush (also at home)

I went to bed satisfied. 
Today I walk!
What I did right: Let the record speak...

Tickled Pink

I was tickled pink!
(Sorry if you're tired of seeing this picture 
I weighed in last night
and did a happy dance.

Counting the Hours

It has been very hard to stay off the scale.
So I haven't!
I'm very excited but can't report until after this evening.
You know.  Weigh the same time of the day.  Blah, blah, blah.
So I'm counting the hours.  I know it's going to be good.
I couldn't have asked for better choices at our Bible study luncheon yesterday!
I had a BIG bowl of mixed fruit
and another of mixed, raw vegetables tossed with a little dressing.
The only way the week could have been better
is if I had begun walking.

Welcome, New Friends!  I've noticed you.  
I wish you encouragement and success in your determination to be healthy!

What I did right:  Ate healthy foods; vitamin; water; posted.


My main meal of the day yesterday was eaten at a Community Meal at a local church.  We enjoy this Thursday Table once a month.  Friends and community folk gather to enjoy each other's company and the food, graciously served.

I passed up the main dish (which looked wonderful) and filled my plate with fresh green beans, garden tomatoes and a tossed salad with a little Italian dressing.  I substituted watermelon and blueberries for the tempting ice cream, too!

My unexpected "reward" was this beautiful flower arrangement that sat in the center of our table.  As I went to leave, its arranger offered it to me! Tomorrow evening, I'll reward MYSELF with a Weigh In.  I can't wait to see the results of my improved eating habits.  (I don't remember when I was EVER this excited about a Weigh In!)

What I did right:  Made healthy food choices; portion control; planned ahead to accommodate eating out; vitamin; water; posted.

This One's For Me

Nothing huge to report about yesterday.  Mostly I'm keeping the commitment I made to myself to post daily. 

I COULD say that there are leftovers from yesterday's main meal!  That's progress.

What I did right:  Portion control, vitamin, tried to drink more water, didn't eat close to bedtime.

One Fourth, Please

I went to visit my parents yesterday.  My father wanted to go pick up Subs for lunch.  "You may not like the kind we get.  What kind do you want?"  (I wouldn't have chosen the kind they like, but neither did I want to eat a HALF of my own.  I guess I could have saved a half of it....).  Anyway,  I ended up with just short of 1/4 of their 12" sub.  With a piece of watermelon, I had plenty to eat.

Portion control and choices continue to be my strengths through the past four days.  Today I absolutely need to add some walking (and to be sure to drink more water).

I'm looking forward to Weigh In on Saturday night.  

What I did right:  Portion control.  Stayed within a reasonable calorie limit.  Vitamin.

Fresh and Good

 I made brownies for my husband to take to share at an evening meeting last night...
I didn't lick the bowl!  Or the spoon.  Or my fingers.
He called before he came home and asked me if I wanted one.
I said, "No."  He sent those not eaten home with one of the attendees.
Yesterday morning, I helped a friend make some salsa.
I chopped a lot!
It felt wonderful to work with such fresh and healthy food.
We took a break and enjoyed some fresh tomato juice.
I returned home with bags containing tomatoes, onions, beets, and cantaloupe.

What I did right:   Didn't give in to temptation to lick the bowl or my fingers, or the spoon; took multivitamin; ate within a wise calorie range; ate fresh food and veggies; drank 5-6 glasses of water.

Beets to Meatballs

Last night we hosted our "Home Connection" (a group of 10-13 people who meet in homes every two weeks).  Sometimes we have a meal.  Last night I said "bring a favorite snack."  Knowing there would be GOOD STUFF in the evening, we ate leftovers at noon.  I had a few red beets.

Evening brought many tempting snacks.  I  made some cantaloupe balls and a new crock-pot meatball recipe (Sauce:  1/3 c. apple jelly, 1/3 c. lemon juice, 1 c. ketchup).  The meatballs were delicious.   I know!   I had 10 or 11!  And some cantaloupe.  And some cherries.

What I did right:  Left myself some wiggle room by eating only beets at noon.  Passed up chips and  cheese/taco/bean dip.  Passed up rice krispy squares with peanut butter.  Passed up zucchini bread.  Laughed with and enjoyed my friends.  Took a mufti-vitamin. Posted here.

Climb Every Mountain

"Imagine your goal at the top of a mountain. You’ll never reach it if you don’t start climbing."
(from Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar)

  • Hmm.  I wonder if there's a spy system operating in my sidebar!?!
  • Yesterday was The Day my mountain climbing began.  
  • I started the ascent last night when we went out to eat with friends at a lovely restaurant.
  • I ordered the salmon salad.  It was delicious.
  • AND I was not talked into dessert.
  • I stepped on the scale last night and recorded my start-up weight under my "Progress" tab.
  • Gotta tell you that my picture-taking routine in the "early days" involved a full-length mirror that could be tilted to achieve a very slimming effect. However ...I still have those clothes and remember how great it felt and is GOING to feel when I can fit in them again!  That's my "goal at the top of the mountain."
What I did right:  Passed up the bread and dessert when eating out, weighed in, posted on blog, took multi-vitamin, drank just about enough water (I have trouble remembering this!) 

Getting Down to Business


"Getting Down to Business was the title of a post I did in January of 2010.  I can hardly believe that is me!  By January 25, 2012 I want to look like I did then.  This will mean I need to be Getting Down to Business!    I have begun.  Again.  I have a ways to go, but I am committed to doing what I need to. 

When once again I "look" like I did, I believe I will "feel" as well as I did..   As much as possible I want to reduce the toll that the pounds I've gained have taken.  I'm tired of being sick and tired!

I know I've had a lot of "plans" throughout the past year and a half.  But the major part of THIS plan - at least the part that I want to go PUBLIC with - is to post on this blog daily - well at least 5 days a week. Some day (maybe a few weeks into this journey) I'll try to explain what is different about about my "head" and "heart" this time.  

Portion Control

Almost every day, I read the Motivation to Live Well in my sidebar.  Today's summed up my feelings from yesterday's experience at my favorite place to eat.
One of the most satisfying feelings--more satisfying than the temptation itself is when one can say, ’I could have, but I didn’t!’

For me, portion control is a MAJOR part of the self-control part of this blog's title.
Our personal favorite - Pan. Taco.

Fruit Smoothie

Wow!  I wish I'd have thought of this sooner!  What a treat. I placed a couple of very small cans of peaches in the freezer for just over an hour to freeze.

Then I emptied the frozen peaches &amp;amp; juice into the blender, added a little bit of skim milk &amp;amp; (I confess) sugar - a teaspoon or so.  You could certainly use artificial sweetener of course.  And I added about 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla to the mix.

Blend and enjoy.  This made two glassfuls.  We used spoons.

I'm already thinking of different canned fruits (or combinations) and flavorings to use.  What sounds good to YOU?

The Root

Still riding high on some extra exercise while on vacation, I walked the short route to the Post Office & spent some minutes weeding in the front yard.  (Thistle-like weeds had sprung up while we were gone.)  Though the morning is relatively cool, I worked up a little sweat.  I HATE that word, by the way.

After coming in for a drink of water and wiping my face with a cool washcloth, I sat down to list a few reasons I am eager to get back to my 2009 weight.  They include:
  • a closet full of clothes waiting for me
  • less sweat doing little jobs
  • less knee stress and pain
  • improved self-esteem
  • more energy

I'm getting down to the root of the "problem".  It's basically:
Carelessness.  Laziness.
There.  I've said it.  Again.
(I think those last 5 words
were a song from the 60's!)

Time Out

I've walked a lot of sidewalks in Buffalo, NY over the past days!
 Along with no eating between meals, 
I unintentionally jump-started some healthy habits!
Fresh air and sunshine were additional benefits 
of our vacation! 
It's been a GOOD "time out"!

Another Note to Self

That blood pressure reading is unacceptable!

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best is now. ~Anonymous

Natural Exercise

My exercise happened early this morning in an attempt to beat the heat. 
I weeded this flower bed
and rearranged the tiles and metal tubes
to line the path that meanders through it.
When I was finished,
I drank at least 2 of my intended 8-10 glasses of water for today.
I began today to add more natural exercise into my schedule. 
It felt great!

When Motivated...

She had no idea how profoundly her words would affect me today.
She was face-booking about something else entirely--
an activity that would challenge her
but that she really wanted to do.
Immediately these words jumped out of her comment to my heart.
I told her later I was going to print them out on a card and frame them.
Then I changed that and said, "Well, at least put it on the window sill over my sink."
Thank you, Dee.
So funny!  
The quote in "Motivation to Live Well"
in the side bar for today says:
Post your goals where you’ll see them often, 
along with notes of inspiration. 
Reminders are a good thing.

I Needed This

Irises (Van Gogh)
Great things are not done
by impulse,
but by a series of
small things brought together.
-- Vincent Van Gogh

Myra's carrying me right now.
When I get to the "other side" of this,
I hope I can carry others.


Why wilt thou defer thy good purpose from day to day? 
ARISE! and beginin this very instant, and say 
Now is the time to be doing; 
Now is the time to be striving; 
Now is the fit time to amend myself! 
Unless thou dost earnestly force thyself,
thou shalt never get the victory over sin.
(Thomas a Kempis, born in 1379 or 1380; died 25 July, 1471.)

My Struggle...His Power

See those back two legs?  (Well, I guess the chair is blocking the view of the other one.)  That's one of the tasks I listed yesterday that was accomplished.  That wasn't so HARD now!  Yesterday--and already THIS morning--I've experienced the truth of Colossians 1:29:  "To this end I labor, struggling with all HIS energy, which so powerfully works in me."

Some notes I copied in my journal from The Red Sea Rules...
  • Sometimes plodding is better than plotting.
  • We can become paralyzed by procrastination! (I put a big red asterisk by this one.)
  • "Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand."  (Sir William Oster)

Bored No More

Inertia has been a problem for me lately. I could blame it on painful joints.  I could blame it on some discouraging circumstances.  I could blame it on a lot of things, but basically I know from experience that inertia breeds inertia!

Then I read Myra.  You might want to read Myra, too!  It's a GOOD one!

I'm going to haul myself out to the flower beds and do some weeding & perennial division!  

Then there's a library book on hold for me at the library.  

I'll also spend some time in the garage painting the back legs of a table-desk my husband just assembled. 

No time for boredom today!


Me. Yesterday.

I have some work to do before warm weather sets in!  Circumstances have overridden my determination and passion to GET fit and BE fit.  And now, my summer clothes DON'T fit...

I was particularly inspired by Myra's post this morning.  I can't say that there was anything "new" there...just solid stuff to encourage me not to give up.

Vacation Walking Paths

Just a couple of the more interesting places where I've been walking the past few days!
I'm a black or white person.
When it comes to walking,
I either like taking different paths every day
doing the same routine every day.
I go in streaks.  There are positives for both.
While on vacation this week, it's been different paths every day.

A Dieter's Best (Appliance) Friend?

I've been cleaning out the refrigerator in preparation for vacation. There were 11 or 12 strawberries left, so I hulled them, put them on a plate and stuck them in the freezer.

Later on, I popped them into the blender along with some 1% milk and (I sheepishly admit) a little sugar. Result? A thick and satisfying snack.

A blender just might be a dieter's best friend!
Even as I write this, I'm thinking of a few other Appliance Friends.
What Appliance Friends do YOU have?

Spring Fling Treat

I stayed within my calorie limit yesterday by sharing a Turtle Blizzard with my husband.  Yum!  A tasty combination of chocolate, caramel & pecans.  The only thing that would have made it tastier for me would have been to have it made with chocolate ice cream--but since we were sharing, I settled for vanilla.

Spring Fling

For the past 5 days, I've been spending 30 minutes alternating a walking routine with jumping on my mini-tramp.  Don't know why I always wait for a hint of spring to get serious about getting off the winter pounds!  Why do those pounds accumulate ANYhow?  Late winter was particularly challenging for me this year since I had a case of shingles.  That was NO fun.

It's in the past now. 
I've started my personal Spring Fling.

For Sure--Good'n Hearty!

I found this product last week  at our local Big Lots store.  I should have bought a dozen boxes!  It's delicious!  I believe it is much more hearty than the better known brands (which I have come to avoid).  And look at the price - $1.00!  I added raisins and microwaved it only a minute and a half instead of the suggested two minutes.  If I can think of a few more errands to make the trip into town worthwhile, I think I'll buy some more before they are out of stock.

A Week of Soups

I picked up this book at our public library yesterday.  Having visited a monastery last spring, I was curious when I saw this on the shelf of recent additions to our library.  I was happy to find some interesting, healthy, and relatively easy recipes.  I found several soup recipes that I will make this week.  The Soup Section began with this quote:

"For the sake of losing a few pounds, accumulated during those endless agapes and festivities of the year's end, without having to fast or die of hunger, there is no better remedy than a good soup.  All it takes is a quick stop at the supermarket, some preparation, and then promptly the fresh aromas begin to emerge from the soup kettle."  (Isabelle Delaleu, French chef and dietician) 

After church this morning, we'll dine on a slow-cooker bean soup.  Then I'll make a QUICK STOP at the supermarket to purchase the ingredients for our week of soups!
Hearty Hamburger Soup I made earlier this week.  Yum!