I Needed This

Irises (Van Gogh)
Great things are not done
by impulse,
but by a series of
small things brought together.
-- Vincent Van Gogh

Myra's carrying me right now.
When I get to the "other side" of this,
I hope I can carry others.


  1. Jess says:

    Thank you dear friend! I have struggled mightily with overeating since my Hubby's B-day mid May. Today is the day of reckoning!
    I went to sleep thinking about the folly of my choices the past 2 weeks. Now I choose to focus on little changes...water and exercise.

  2. Oh I can relate to this dear friend, but even with birthday cake and ice cream I was down 2 pounds last night at weight watchers. I find the meetings, teacher and the ladies are motivational and also keep me accountable. Anyway I love how my clothes look and feel on me now. It has been a slow process, 20 and 1/2 pounds since Jan. 10th but hopefully this time it will stay off. I am soon to become a life member of WW.......:-)Hugs

  3. Congratulations, Bernie. (Believe it or not, I am a lifetime member, too. After several years on maintenance & "lecturing" (as it was called then)I no longer returned. I wonder if there'd be any of it after all these years. Then as a lifetime member, you paid if you were over goal but could go free if at goal.... It's a GREAT deal!

  4. I was touched by your acknowledgment of my blog as being of help to you. It's a blessing to have come to know you in this way and the beautiful comments you leave are a joy to read. God Bless.

  5. Hi Rebecca...Have a pitcher of water with a few lemon slices in it in the refridge. Will drink it all up during today. Thanks for the encouraging post. Nice to know others struggle with the weight. Susan