Bored No More

Inertia has been a problem for me lately. I could blame it on painful joints.  I could blame it on some discouraging circumstances.  I could blame it on a lot of things, but basically I know from experience that inertia breeds inertia!

Then I read Myra.  You might want to read Myra, too!  It's a GOOD one!

I'm going to haul myself out to the flower beds and do some weeding & perennial division!  

Then there's a library book on hold for me at the library.  

I'll also spend some time in the garage painting the back legs of a table-desk my husband just assembled. 

No time for boredom today!


  1. You go, Girl! It's true that inertia breeds inertia, just like little rabbits. I have found that(for me)depression feeds that inertia like a food junkie. We are off to plant green beans this morning before it gets so blasted hot.

  2. Good job, Rebecca. ACTION is always the solution. Susan

  3. Yes... I know that feeling too. It's one that multiplies quicker than rabbits........

    glad you had the courage and strength to just up and at it!