July Goal Met & Moving On

I achieved my July weight target
and have recorded my goal for August.
There really IS power, love and self-control available for the asking!
(2 Timothy 1:7)
As an added bonus, I'm enjoying some of my lowest blood pressure readings in years....
and I'm fitting into some clothes
I haven't been able to wear
for a l-o-n-g time!

Here Today; Gone Tomorrow

 I found this WONDERFUL vintage book at a thrift store yesterday.
Its oversized pages included precious stories and TEN full-sized illustrations!
It has already been claimed by a friend who couldn't resist its charms.
"Here today.  Gone tomorrow," as they say.
So it is with pounds.  Oh, not QUITE that simple,
but when I look back on my journey since February 6,
these words DO apply...
With three to five more pounds to lose in August,
I'll be ready for "maintenance" before I know it.

I'm Trying to Change That


I'm trying to change that!
Well, the first three words, anyway.
(I couldn't resist copying this when it appeared on my facebook wall.)


That "one pound" moved and took another one with it!
This morning I left the 150's behind.
Wonder if it was due to the 2 small pieces of apple pie I ate yesterday?
(Probably not.)
But that's the beauty of the Fast-5 plan.
Nothing technically off limits.
It works for me.