Here Today; Gone Tomorrow

 I found this WONDERFUL vintage book at a thrift store yesterday.
Its oversized pages included precious stories and TEN full-sized illustrations!
It has already been claimed by a friend who couldn't resist its charms.
"Here today.  Gone tomorrow," as they say.
So it is with pounds.  Oh, not QUITE that simple,
but when I look back on my journey since February 6,
these words DO apply...
With three to five more pounds to lose in August,
I'll be ready for "maintenance" before I know it.


  1. what a darling book! I love the photos of the chubby little children! You have really worked hard on your weight loss Rebecca. Where do I find out the details of this window diet you've been on?? Congratulations on your success...!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Jacque. I'll facebook you with details. Not so many, actually. Something about it just works for me.

  2.'re looking great and I know feeling better, physically and emotionally....and I think getting healthy helps us spiritually, too!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Rebecca you look fabulous!!!! It's been a long time since I've visited (I believe you were
    "Thrifty at 60" then - LOL!) My blog reading decreased substantially during some life events in the past two years.

    To see your photos this evening has been a much-needed motivator. I am deeply inspired by your success; so much - I'm hopping on the Fast-5 this weekend! The last time I was at goal weight was around the first time I discovered your blog. We experienced similar weight loss then. But unlike you, I am back up in pounds and eager to "declutter." I had good results from intermittent fasting, and from what I read about this approach, odds are good it is doable.

    Tonight, I downloaded the book (and finished it :-) Do you know if any consecutive 5-hours can be followed (i.e. eating from 2pm-7pm)? Or is it required that the break-fast begin at 5pm?

    Thanks for sharing your experience and allowing us to be inspired.


    ps: Love, love the "Goody" book - great find!

  4. Jean, I don't know all the ins and outs of Fast-5....but I believe you can establish your own 5 consecutive hours. (I myself generally do 1:00 p.m. - 6:00. It just works best for us.)

    I try to eat healthy foods but if I'm wanting a treat, I don't freak out about having it. For some reason, this has been a great way to get back to a reasonable and healthy weight.

    The hugest blessing of all is that my blood pressure is within range now. It has been higher than a kite even when I lost weight several years ago! I have to attribute it to the schedule (and the grace of God, too).

  5. Love this little book! And congratulations on the weight loss! I can see the change in your pictures in the past several months!
    I didn't realize that you had several blogs and have been enjoying reading through them.
    God bless,

  6. Thanks Rebecca. I appreciate what you've shared and have decided to just jump in. After finishing dinner tonight (7pm), I'll aim to break the fast at 2:00 pm tomorrow and see how things go. I'll keep you posted.