July Goal Met & Moving On

I achieved my July weight target
and have recorded my goal for August.
There really IS power, love and self-control available for the asking!
(2 Timothy 1:7)
As an added bonus, I'm enjoying some of my lowest blood pressure readings in years....
and I'm fitting into some clothes
I haven't been able to wear
for a l-o-n-g time!


  1. Wooo HOO now that is something to celebrate!!! Congrats Love Heather

  2. Congrads.....that is awesome, I am realizing that my exercising alone isn't going to it, so I must watch my eating better..thanks for the motivation

  3. Congratulations, Rebecca. You give one hope. I must begin my own weight loss journey (again) beginning with breakfast. Thanks for sharing your progress. Inspiring. Susan

  4. Fitting into something "old" is so much more exciting than buying something new! I rejoice with you! Blessings, Ann

    1. Thank you, Ann. You're a most supportive friend and I appreciate you :)

  5. You go girl. It feels great to get rid of things that are too big and fit into things that have been hanging in the closet for years. It is so encouraging. Permanent lifestyle changes will keep it off!!

  6. good for you! you've worked very hard at it and now reaping the rewards! you look fantastic!

  7. That is wonderful. I am still working at maintaining my weight, I get to where I want to be and then the next week I gain three pounds, not good.
    You look great, and the low blood pressure readings are good. I also have high blood pressure and it has gone lower with losing the last five pounds. Now to lose three more!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Love and hugs, Cindy