Who Knew?

Medium Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard
980 calories
I looked it up for myself.  No wonder they didn't put THIS information on the same sign as the special price!  And I ordered mine with chocolate ice cream - which probably added to the calories.
I had NO idea.  (And I'm not blaming Dairy Queen.)

Dairy Queen Made Me Do It!

From Motivation to Live Well today...."Live not in what has happened, or fear of what may come tomorrow. Live Well! in the here and now, and treat this as your defining moment."

Back from a seminar today where I learned to say, "THAT was my old self; THIS is my NEW self!" (See Ephesians 4:22-24).  

I SHOULD have remembered this when traveling to and from Grandparents' Day at our grandson's school in Illinois this week!  We passed (and stopped at) Dairy Queens coming and going - lured by the sign advertising "Blizzards!  Buy one; get the second for 25 cents!"

Transitioning into Spring

Almost every day of our vacation included trail hikes or nature walks.  Yesterday I rode in the car all day.  And this morning, exercise was gardening.  I need to be intentional about getting daily exercise now that the weather has changed.  I didn't gain any weight while on vacation--but I didn't lose any either.  I need to get at least 5 pounds off as soon as possible!

Strolling in Charleston

My "sauntering" yesterday was good practice for the Extreme Strolling we did in Charleston all day today!  Cobblestone and brick were two of the street surfaces that paved the roads in front of some of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen!  (For more pictures of our day, see my main blog.)
Most of the streets were marked this way in the sidewalks.  There were also newer street signs on posts.  This one marked the street containing a lively enclosed market area.  We found this coffee place here.  I had a cappuccino muffin with chocolate chips (I can only HOPE they were dark chocolate!)
We also spent relaxing time overlooking Cooper Bay.  This is a must-see city.  I'm so glad we made the decision to come here.  I feel stimulated physically and mentally because of our time in this city of friendly people and historical roots.

Sauntering in South Carolina

After walking 30 minutes indoors early this morning, I spent many more minutes walking in Columbia, South Carolina, the state capitol.  The wonderful chocolate truffle I ate after a lunch of grilled cheese sandwich and fresh fruit was not the healthiest choice--but it WAS dark chocolate.  The weather was beautiful today!  Sunshine and fresh air are SO refreshing.

Tennessee Walkz

I walked at noon in Tennessee!  The temperature was warm; the sights were beautiful. Our friends live on a golf course, so there were many pleasurable things to see.  I also enjoyed hearing the bird songs.  
Outdoor walks are the best!

Climb Interrupted

If you're wondering about my "climb", take a look at my other blog.  I've been temporarily sidelined.  But I shall complete the climb shortly.