Dairy Queen Made Me Do It!

From Motivation to Live Well today...."Live not in what has happened, or fear of what may come tomorrow. Live Well! in the here and now, and treat this as your defining moment."

Back from a seminar today where I learned to say, "THAT was my old self; THIS is my NEW self!" (See Ephesians 4:22-24).  

I SHOULD have remembered this when traveling to and from Grandparents' Day at our grandson's school in Illinois this week!  We passed (and stopped at) Dairy Queens coming and going - lured by the sign advertising "Blizzards!  Buy one; get the second for 25 cents!"


  1. Oh, Rebecca, I can't believe I resisted this one! My husband invited me to take advantage of DQ's deal, but I actually said no! My daughter looked up the "nutrition" information on the DQ Web site, and you can just imagine what it said. Having said that, I think it's just fine that you enjoyed Blizzard. It's okay to splurge (calorie-wise) on a treat once in a while. Blessings!

  2. Rebecca, being a size 6 or 8, you can DEFINITELY indulge without feeling one shard of guilt. Sincerely, Susan

  3. Oh, there's nothing like a bargain to trip up a Bargain Hunter! HA!
    But I know you will be right back "at it."
    Self discipline and focus!
    Have a wonderful Sabbath.
    Love always,

  4. I have great conflict when trying to choose between "healthy" and "cheap". My heart is drawn to "cheap" and my mind says "healthy". My deceitful heart often wins out. In the present economy so many fast food places are offering such great deals with the dollar menus. I'm afraid to look up the calories of the Jamocha Shake, my favorite, especially since I can get a smaller version for $1. Have you ever wondered if our resurrected bodies will be the thin one or the fat one?