I began "38" with a 20 minute walk.  The morning was cool; 
the walk made even more enjoyable as I shared it with my husband.
Later this morning, I came across this excerpt posted by a friend
from The Upper Room re. walking.
It is a wise and inspiring commentary, I think.

Christian practices that incorporate everyday gestures and actions typically involve our bodies: We speak, sing, eat, wash, or bow. We walk. By investing these gestures with new meanings, Christian practices shift our way of being in the world. …

These practices are not burdensome tasks or rules required to become “good Christians.” Instead, they are gifts from God that nurture openness and receptivity to divine love that streams continuously through the people, events, and places of our world. Walking represents one such Christian practice. …
When I walk, my life slows down. Rather than speed past the world around me, sealed in my car with the radio playing, I move slowly. Moving at the speed of my feet, I hear the sounds of birds, insects, and the wind blowing through the trees. The rhythm of my footfalls invites me into an awareness of myself and the world around me. This awareness leads me beyond creation to the Creator. … Walking, like all Christian practices, makes me more open and receptive, more mindful and aware.
– Thomas R. Hawkins
Every Step a Prayer


Scrolling back, I see I didn't say WHY I began (again) this Fast-5 lifestyle.
It was on a Wednesday--May 18th.
Thirty-five days ago.
I had a doctor's appointment, set only because I needed to have a prescription renewed.
I dreaded going.  I KNEW I had gained weight since my last visit well over a year ago.
I knew, too, that my blood pressure would be off-the-charts
(as it always is when I sit in a doctor's office).
I like my doctor.
He didn't bawl me out.
He didn't have to.
And that's the "why" of the past thirty-five days.
Tomorrow I have another appointment.
I don't expect a lot of change in my blood pressure,
but I'm expecting a change at the scale.

UPDATE:  -10 lbs


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain
Really thankful I got started 31 days ago.
Fast 5 has given me freedom within boundaries,
a built-in appetite suppressor,
and a way to gauge successes.


Started my 28th consecutive day of Fast-5 
with a 15 minute walk around a few blocks near my home.
The air was cool;
the sights pleasant.
Earlier, I'd boiled some pasta, dressed it with some Zesty Italian Dressing,
and tossed in about 1/2 a bag of some chopped veggies, a diced green pepper,
and a few sliced ripe olives. 
It will be a filling and satisfying way to open my 5 hour eating "window".  
Now to fill up the intervening hours with some meaningful
and productive activity!


On Day 15 of my Fast-5 Reboot, I was cleaning a kitchen counter
and found this card.
I kind of wish I had dated it,
but it's as appropriate today, June 1, as whatever day I wrote it.