Scrolling back, I see I didn't say WHY I began (again) this Fast-5 lifestyle.
It was on a Wednesday--May 18th.
Thirty-five days ago.
I had a doctor's appointment, set only because I needed to have a prescription renewed.
I dreaded going.  I KNEW I had gained weight since my last visit well over a year ago.
I knew, too, that my blood pressure would be off-the-charts
(as it always is when I sit in a doctor's office).
I like my doctor.
He didn't bawl me out.
He didn't have to.
And that's the "why" of the past thirty-five days.
Tomorrow I have another appointment.
I don't expect a lot of change in my blood pressure,
but I'm expecting a change at the scale.

UPDATE:  -10 lbs


  1. Hope the blood pressure went down, too, Rebecca. Have you heard of pure hibiscus tea? The brand Medicinal Medicinals has it and it's delicious. It definitely helps lower blood pressure (WITHOUT PILLS) and I swear by it. Susan

  2. P.S. Correction on the tea brand, Rebecca. It's TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS. I swear by it. Susan