The Difference

"So... I told my body it had to move today 
(I listen to it when it cannot move... 
not so much when it does not want to move)."

Brenda made an important distinction!
There IS a difference.

Today is the "Another Day"

Yesterday I told myself, "Tomorrow is another day".  
Well, today is that another day.
Today is all I have.
(Actually, this second is all I have!)
I won't make an excuse for yesterday
but I HAVE tried to understand it so as not to repeat its mistakes.
Ten weeks on the Fast-5 method of eating
has resulted in a 20 pound loss.
I never thought an average of 2 pounds a week loss
would happen for me at this age, but it has.
I am in this "game" for life,
but more immediately for about another 15 pounds
before establishing a healthy maintenance plan.

I appreciate the company of so MANY of you on this journey.
Let's make today count!

Later in the Day -- Rain

NOT this bed yet, though....
I spent a few hours pulling weeds & dividing some plants yesterday morning.  Except for a blister in the middle of my right hand, it felt good (and LOOKS great)!

Later in the day came a sweet, gentle and much-needed rain.

I couldn't help but think that the hard work of weight loss and fitness is frequently followed by a satisfying "rain" of desired results.  Refreshing blessings.  Or at least that has been my experience in the past...and now as once again I journey to a "better place" physically.

We are still on vacation.  Leisurely yard work CAN be very restorative.  (As is/was an excursion to My Favorite Thrift Store and The Factory - a wonderful restaurant featuring a healthy salmon-topped salad special on Fridays.)

A Drop

I was hoping for "a drop" on the scale when I returned home. After nine days away on vacation, I returned to my scale. Ours is a simple one - doesn't accurately measure halves and quarters, etc., but I think it's safe to say I lost about a pound and a half.  I'll take it!

We continue to be "on vacation" while at home through Sunday. I'm determined to keep up the walking and healthy eating I have been enjoying the past  couple of months.  Weeding the flower beds should keep me active!


I want to continue the exercise pattern of vacation
in daily life when I return home....
We had SUCH beautiful scenery to make the walking more enjoyable!

Food and Footwork

After strolling around the incredible Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock, N.C.
we found the perfect place to eat.  I ordered the second salmon meal of my vacation -
this one smoked and served over Asian slaw.  Notice the asparagus!  Yum.
Between healthy eating and hiking,
I'm hoping for a drop on the scale when I step on it at home.


 So far vacationing has meant casual strolls on wildflower-bordered
trails and up and down streets of quaint shops and restaurants.
Getting in and out of the car to check out 
thrift shops is also part of it...
as is healthy eating.  Last night, salmon!  
The day before, a wonderful Thai dish at Thai Spice in Franklin, N.C.
Pepper garlic chicken with steamed rice and vegetables.  


A spill at the coffeemaker this morning reminded me (as if I needed a reminder) of the spill I took on the bicycle a few days ago...

I was riding with my grandson on the sidewalk that runs in front of our house.  We had stopped for a car coming out of a driveway.  When I remounted, I didn't get up to speed enough to make the small hill.  I toppled over, skinning a knee on one leg, ankle on another, severely bruising a thigh and who-knows-what to my right rib cage.

I'm currently getting by on over-the-counter pain pills.  
I'm bummed that my enthusiasm for exercise has been dampened by my "spill"
It has NOT affected my healthy eating habits though.
My determination is strong.
I expect another drop on the scale any day now!