A Drop

I was hoping for "a drop" on the scale when I returned home. After nine days away on vacation, I returned to my scale. Ours is a simple one - doesn't accurately measure halves and quarters, etc., but I think it's safe to say I lost about a pound and a half.  I'll take it!

We continue to be "on vacation" while at home through Sunday. I'm determined to keep up the walking and healthy eating I have been enjoying the past  couple of months.  Weeding the flower beds should keep me active!


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca. Losing weight on a vacation is very commendable. All that walking paid off! Susan

  2. Rebecca, that's awesome! A pound and a half is a lot!!!-- And while on vacation no less! I always visualize half pounds, pounds etc like this: Imagine going to the deli and asking for a pound and a half of your favorite lunch meat or cheese. You're not carrying that around any more! Yahoo! Grow girl!
    Happy weeding and
    healthy living for
    your King.